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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Rugby_Mad, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys kind of new to this so forgive me if I p**s anyone off a bit,

    I'm after a bit of advice, I initially wanted to join the army as an infantry soldier, but after completeing my B.A.R.B test and with my current qualifications my careers adviser has recommended Ammo Tech to me.

    I was wondering if someone on here could give me a no bull sh*t answer to what the job mainly involves in the inital few years as i don't really want to be stuck behind a desk counting bullets or anything like that.

    Cheers in advance
  2. AT is an excellent job, really satisfying and you will join a real community. I can't comment on the trade now as I left a few years ago, but it certainly beats infantry and 99% of the other jobs in the army.
  3. Positive side

    Lance corporal on completion of trade training
    Quick promotion there on - if good enough
    Plenty of responsibility
    Tight knit trade
    Varied and at times exciting work
    High pay band and specialist EOD pay if in role
    High credibility in wider Army & world
    Noticable lack of normal army bullshit (marching, polishing kit etc)
    Good prospects on leaving

    Down side

    At times - very dangerous
    A lot of time on duty/on-call
    Stress/strain on private life
    Rest of ATs are a p*ss taking and back-stabbing bunch
    Very little support from rest of RLC

    Whatever the Recruiting guys tell you - there is very little real Depot work left now. Most of your time will be spent looking after ammo on Ops or doing EOD related duties wherever needed. It is fun - but at a cost. Most ATs will moan, but few leave early and most wouldn't have done anything else.
  4. You also get a nice little bit of cash when you complete the course.

    However, once you are in the trade, if you don't like it - unlucky, it's nigh on impossible to transfer.

    If you initially wanted to be an infanteer it may be well worth doing that for a year or two then transfer to the AT trade.
  5. Herrumph has neatly summed it up. One of the main attractions is that it is a tight knit family.(unless you are a chod) As with all trades there will be elements of boredom and mundane periods, however in the main, it is a varied, rewarding and at times exciting trade. Hope this helps. If you need anything more specific feel free to PM me.
  6. Excellent advice Dingerr - as you know there are (and were) some excellent AT's who had been infantrymen.
  7. Word of caution - some infantry Bns make it bl**dy difficult to transfer even though it is a right. I have dealt with soldiers who have been refused OC and CO interviews, paperwork repeatedly lost, adverse reports and all the sh*te jobs until they change their minds.

    Plus Inf Toms do get treated like pondlife. If you want to be an AT - be an AT don't mess about for years.
  8. Cheers guys, if any of you guys are in the cardiff area this weekend feel free to ask me for a pint.

    But are the people in the regiment really a "back-stabbing bunch"? Because one of the reasons the army appeals to me is becuase of the sense of comradiry and getting some really good mates (kind of gay I know)

    Thanks again guys
  9. I can confidently say that the friends I have made within the AT trade are mates and anyone outside of the trade are acquaintances.
  10. Instead of going infantry, why not try for one of the other jobs in the RLC (Supplier, mover, driver etc). Gets you into the "Corps" mindset and you will probably get the chance to see AT's at work.
  11. It's not the army's fault that no one likes you.
  12. Cheers Sammy!!! Not quite like that.....just trying to reiterate that you do make mates for life rather than just friends!!!
  13. It depends on how you define them:

    A mate will help you move.

    A friend will help you move bodies.

  14. yes yes and yes.
  15. R_M

    Don't listen to HANDJOBAGAIN. We are not even convinced that he is an AT.

    As for the backstabbing, don't worry about that, its mostly done in fun when it happens and that is very rarely now. It certainly doesn't affect many people, just look at the promotion speeds.