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Discussion in 'RLC' started by gtsco, Jul 17, 2007.

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  1. Hi all, I'm in phase two training at the moment but am pretty sure /i want to re-allocate and the Ammunition technician trade is what I would want to transfer into. I'm just wondering if anyone on here could tell me anything about whats involved in the selection course, from what I've read on here it involves several tests' and interviews but any further details would be great. Secondly I'd be grateful for any general info on what the trade training is like ie. day to day routines, Is it all classwork etc

    All comments welcome

  2. First thing you need to do, me ol' china, is find out if you have the requisite GTI score then you need to speak to CoC and let them know of your intentions. Then report to the medical centre and have your sense of humour removed and a god complex inserted, Then you will embark on a very intense course of learning about how to whine like a biatch on interesting and varied subjects like 'aren't AT's brill' and 'I need extra cash for doing the job I signed up for' Only once you have mastered all aspects of AT'ing will you be awarded your coveted 'grenade' which entitles you to whinge like the proverbial 'good un'. After 22 yrs in the trade you may find that you will have eventually got over yourself and yearn for friendship with 'normal people', but probably not!

    Seriously though good luck and try and get what you want as early on as you can that way you'll have a better crack at progressing as far as possible - even if it is counting bullets!
  3. GTSCO - If your working in Deepcut, then speak to the OC of one of the trg Sqns there. He is an ATO and should be able point you in the right direction. Failing that speak to you Sqn Clerk and they will do the same.

    qman - Nice that you ended with some good wishes as it did sound initially like you'd been a little bitter and twisted about the whole AT thing. Possibly failed selection or been beaten successfully to any top student place on cadre courses? If anything your initial comments made you seem like the whiney biatch who had lacked the ability to stop pushing the door marked pull at your AT selection. You could also be the reason that stamps are now sticky to cut out dribbling in the workplace.

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  4. Farmaggeddon, Qman is having a bad day, although i expect if it was a good day he would of said the same thing!
  5. It is the OC of 109 Sqn (the red tabs), he is a good egg if you can get hold of him (busy man).

    Request an SPSO interview asap, through your block NCO or one of the other training NCOs, and they will take it from there.
  6. Qman an AT! Laugh I nearly bought a round

    If only you knew how unstable that man is!!!
    Good thing Im on leave and out of earshot
  7. ROUND getit Ammo/rounds Did you see what i did there
  8. Another fine exapmle of an AT thinking everyone else wants to be one!
    Bore off and count your bullets, Number 2 Drivers see more action than you walting gits.
  9. Am just curious about whether your Supervisory NCO is an AT and what trade did you originally join as?
  10. That was sort of a play on words wasnt it?
  11. MSI, I originally joined up into the Int Corps I'm just at the point I'm pretty sure it isn't for me, or at least it isn't what I want to do solely in my career, I do fancy doing defence humint/Op Samson or something sometime though! I haven't seen any RLC around this base though so I haven't been able to easily get hold of anyone to ask about it that could give me plenty of info about it. Anyhow cheers for all the replies.

  12. here here i will get you a drink in fella.
  13. Go to jobs by themselves now do they?
  14. Wow there fella, leave us :p stamp lickers :p out of this 8O ! Go the AT's, there's one here who's a 4 yr Sgt!! Horse's for courses, nice badge but no thanks. :lol: Felix is a pussy :twisted: !!!
  15. Is this another example of an Ammo Tech bashfest.

    If so.......... then good show.

    4 years to Sgt - sheesh, oh well - maybe if I had studied a bit harder at school I could do it too.

    If you are going to transfer, then do it soon. Once the VEng kicks in good and proper, the whole AT promotion thing (8 year Warrant Officers!) will be a thing of the past.