Ammunition Technician

As you can see this is my very first post so please try not to have a go at me if there has been a previous post asking the same questions, I haven't been able to trundle through the forums in order to see if there is another post like this.

First of all my BARB score was 82, I was told this was quite high. My current run-time on the flat is 10:37.

My questions are as follows:

Is my current run-time good enough for my selected trade (As my recruiter won't send me to ADSC until I get it to 10mins)?
How long exactly is phase 2 training as I've seen different lengths of time?
Exactly where will my phase 2 training take place?

Any & every answer would be greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards
1037 is a shite time.

Top tip - use the search function (top right) as these questions have been asked before.
Top Tip, less time on here and more time foot slapping the pavement. You should get to 0930 within 1 Month if you try harder. If you can't you won't compete in this ever decreasing Army!

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