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Hi folks,
Got my Next interview coming up, have done my Pre-ADSC and now its the part where i go in and have to talk all about the training that becoming an ammunition technician requires.. Now i know that my Basic is 14weeks in Pirbright along with all the rest of the RLC, but I've been searching around for ages all over the site and can find nothing concrete about phase 2 training for AT's...
I know i am going to be asked this and from what i can gather, AT's have a separate course they must take before phase 2!? but as far as i can tell, phase 2 eventually will be in Worthy Down in Surrey?

Can anyone help me with this, would be much appreciated!
Thanks in Advance
This as been covered so many times before so not doing easy search that you should be doing.....type in ATCAB or Ammuntition Tech into search and theres everything you need to know.
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