Ammunition Technician

Hi guy's and girls,
My names steven and im new to the site/forum.
I left the Royal Navy in Oct 09 after six and a half years of being a Weapons Engineer.
I have a few question and was wondering if any of you could help me out.
I have just as in yesterday filled all the relavent paper work in my local recruitment center to re-enlist and join the Army as an Ammo Tech in the RLC. All the info i have gathered about the trade, the role the play and life as an Ammo Tech i have got myself and i was wondering if any one could shed a little for light on the pre-training selection course, basic and trade training and finally life as a fully trained Ammo Tech(day to day work, oprational postings and the like). Anything would be helpful. I did a search on this forum but the info that came up was over 5 years old. Many thanks

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