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Discussion in 'RLC' started by BadSanta, Nov 28, 2009.

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  1. Hello all.

    I am very interested in joining as an AT in RLC. I know there is massive debate between RE and RLC, but as I understand it, if you want to do bomb disposal then you join RLC and if you want options and to be combat engineer then you join RE. Is this the truth?

    Basically I want to work in bomb disposal. Can anyone tell me what sort of job I could be doing straight from training, will it just be fixing SA80 clips? Or will it be straight in at the deep end without a clue? Somewhere in the middle would be nice.

    Also what sort of postings am i likely to get, just Afghan?

    How much training am i likely to get before I have to do IEDD?

    Hope someone can help.
  2. Also what is the difference to technician and specialist?
  3. youll be given a pen knife and sent straight out to Afghanistan, and will be defusing bombs within 2 days of joining up.

    WTF is your brain working on, glue???
  4. BadSanta - that depends on your career choice. if you want to be rapidy trained and deploy straight away - go RE EOD. If you want to understand IEDD before you have to do it and want to have the best training in the world behind you before you deploy, go AT!
  5. Oh so that's why i'm having to go through so much to get onto AT Selection. It all becomes clear now..... 8)
    Badsanta, do your research and all will become clear :)
  6. Rapid? A Sgt in the Engineers takes a bit longer to attain than in your trade fellah! ;)
  7. I am on about the quality and depth of EOD training, not the relative speed to Sgt. Fella.
  8. And I have no drama with RE EOD, some good blokes and some good mates are BDOs. But at the moment there is no comparison in terms of skills/ capabilites - as a result of a much more thorough and detailed trg for ATs compared to RE EOD. I know, I have done both 0801 and JSIEDD/ HT and beyond.

    AT EOD is vastly better than current 0801
  9. Playing devil's advocate, i know fine well the depth of training is far superior in AT! I know of an engineer joint service instructor so guessing it will be a matter of time before the first engineer passes the high threat course? That is if they are allowed to right enough..
  10. Thanks for the input fellas.

    Just trying to find out what I can expect as an AT entrant. I'm not trying to spark an RLC vs RE row, just trying to find out about AT training and then what my first jobs "might" be like.

    I'm not worried about doing IEDD in afghan just worried I won't have enough training before being thrown in. Just trying to do my research before I job straight in.

  11. As an entrant you can expect very high quality training and some years to get your skills to a decent standard before you will even be considered for IEDD in Afgh, assuming you pass all the courses and assessments up to that point
  12. In my ATCAB DLP there's a rough timeline that gives about 4/5years before doing IEDD
  13. What no wire cutters?
  14. Land Ammunition is RLC , WW2 Aircraft bombs and Mines is RE, unless things have changed.

    Although with recent conflicts im sure they have
  15. Ok thanks, I like the idea of all the training given bofore getting into the big stuff.

    From what you guys have said so far it has confirmed that AT is the right choice.

    What are the promotion rates like in the trade and is the pay enhanced? Obviously promotion depends on alot of things but is it any quicker or slower in this trade. If anyone knows rough timelines then that would be great.

    Cheers for the help so far.