Ammunition Technician Specialist Selection

Discussion in 'RLC' started by LT Smash, Dec 14, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys,

    Sorry to post such a question but I need every ounce of information I can get, I have my specialist selection on the 31st of Jan and as such my AFCO haven't told me a single thing that I should be preparing for, my base of knowledge has been collected from this site!

    I know so far to brush up on my maths, no calculators, be fit, not be a headcase, be vocal in the group discussions and be myself etc. but is there any tips you can give me to further my chances of passing? Any idea of how the course goes, such as an itinerary? When should the DLP pack have been sent, my AFCO were shoddy with sending me my TST learning pack and I only received it a few days before ADSC! Should I be getting on at them for it? Is it based at Kineton? Do I have to make my own way there or does the AFCO give me train tickets? What do the fitness tests include?

    I'm stuck, sorry if these are dumb questions but I have read the big Ammo Tech thread over and over but still have no clue as to what I should be training for!
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  2. FFS, someone else who can't be arsed to search the forum, there are several threads on this subject already.
  3. How about you turn up and do your best with whatever they chuck at you.
  4. If you notice in my original post I mention that I have read them, and bookmarked them and read them again, but I still don't think they fully cover the things I want to know, hence me asking. Thanks for your input though, very informative :)

    And I am trying my best to be prepared for anything but its not that simple, and if the pass rate is anything near what I've read on here then I'm going to want to give myself the best shot possible, by asking 'stupid' questions, since it is basically what defines the next 12+ years of my life.

    Will ring the AFCO tomorrow and ask them, thanks for your great advice :)
  5. You have read one ******* thread according to your first post. Please feel free to go take your face for a shit.
  6. That tickled me actually! I was referring to the base of information bit, which I'm assuming cannot come from reading just one thread? I have searched through many posts but still haven't found anything relating to what I'm asking... I only mentioned the big ammo tech thread because I knew from searching other peoples questions its the stock reply, its helpful, but I need more information.

    Thanks anyway, off for a shit :)
  7. Stop flapping. Sounds like you've prepared for things that are in your control.

    You cannot prepare for the things you don't know about, but there's a good reason for that - we need to see the real you for suitability, not some facade.
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  8. Thankyou, I somehow knew you would have a decent answer for me! I'm just gonna try my best, train hard and revise, see how it goes, wish me luck :)
  9. I've just done my AT selection, and its good fun. But like everyone else I can only advise REVISE REVISE REVISE. Know the maths, if you know the formulas its straightforward. Learn the basics of Mechanical reasoning. Learn the theory word for word, literally. And beyond that take it seriously. I know someone who thought they did well in everything, but failed because in the discussion he was flippant and amusing. He was confident and didnt mind speaking his views but it was for comedy effect predominantly.
  10. Thanks guys, means alot! I've bought myself some maths revision books and stepped up my training, its getting nailed, not spending my life wondering whatif!
  11. Chuck us a message mate I'll help as much as I can- there's nothing they throw at you that's not covered in the booklet but I'll assist in any way I can.

    RedButton: I only just got your message mate because I'm hardly on here but did you pass? If so when's your start date?
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  12. What revision books would cover the things needed to know? I know that GCSE's are the requirement level and I did well in my GCSE maths, in fact I did it 6 months early (wow, check me out) but that was 10 years ago and since then I've done electrical, mechanics and accounting courses at college so a few thins have been squeezed out of my brain! I have no doubt I have the aptitude (thats confidence rather than cockiness i might add) but some preparation is obviously a good idea.

    Would a GCSE revision book be of use or is there something else anyone could recommend? Cheers all for any input.
  13. Crigs get on GCSE Bitesize. Its all on there and its the most comprehensive way to learn what you need. Straightforward.
  14. I'm almost embarrassed to say I never thought of that. Oh dear....
    Cheers for the tip chap!
  15. Why not just go for it?

    Thats what used to happen!!!!