Ammunition Technician Selection Board

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Rugby_Mad, May 21, 2008.

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  1. Just passed ADSC with Ammo Tech as my first job choice, but still have the Ammunition Technician Selection Board to pass.

    Just wondering if anyone knows what you do here and what I need to work on to prepare fully and have a hope of passing it successfully.

    Any replies much appreciated as usual:D
  2. Be yourself, be honest. Don't try and give answers you think people want to hear.
  3. Although the answers to....

    Q. Do you like starting fires
    Q. Do you feel like screaming in a quiet church
    Q. Do you have a criminal record
    Q. Do you have mental health issues

    Should all really be answered in the negative - don't worry about lying, we all did it and it will be expected :)
  4. question 1 on the maths test (without Calculator)

    999 x 99 =

    then it goes hazy with the algebra
  5. I believe they don't do that now until about to attend the JS course.
  6. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Wear a suit, look smart, get you haircut, don't wear trainers, don't smell of BO, don't make smart comments.

    Yes, all these have resulted in getting a "wack wack oops" on previous ATCAB.
  7. Hi All,

    I´ve got the ammo tech selection coming up,i was wondering if anyone had recently done theirs and if they had any info on the most important aspects of the selection?? And how difficult is the maths exam?I hear you cant use a calculator?

    Thanks Guys.
  8. You will get a file sent to you/or ACIO with a lot of pre reading and revision of things you should know. Start looking up your maths in the mean time.
  9. Still one of my abiding memories and, until those tests had NEVER felt like screaming in a quiet church. Since those tests, have to physically prevent myself screaming my head off.
  10. Ah the Maths test,

    And I'd like to quote Max the then 2i/c of the school; " insert my name here I have never seen such a low score on the maths phase." To which I replied Thank you Sir.

    Look at me now.
  11. Thanks this way up! I thought that if you failed the maths part then you would fail the entire selection, do you know the grading format of the at selcetion? ,for example, if you **** up something you compensate for it by doing well in something else and still pass? like failing the maths test hahaha
  12. I've heard that if you don't get 100% in all of the tests then you fail! And you have to walk all the way home as they confiscate your train ticket/tow your car away. You will also be completly naked as you are deemed not worthy of wearing clothes.
    So get studying!
  13. Guys, that wasn't supposed to be a confidence building statement! Dont fail Maths!!!! Infact having served on the selection board dont fail any of it. Turn up be smart, be polite and standing out from the crowd can also be a bad thing. Make sure you have read the news and have a rough idea of what is going on in the world and be prepared to comment on it. I remember interviewing one guy who said " I dont really read the news Sir!" Not a great answer when you have spent 10 minutes building up a scenario. He didn't pass. Make sure you can retain simple knowledge for at least 1 night, start looking at ammunition now, learn the generic parts that make up an artillery shell, whats the pointy bit at the front called? What's the band around the middle (Ish)? (No I'm not asking Dingerr!)

    I think when I went through I was in the fortunate position of being a serving member of 11 EOD Regt RLC and had worked with or for most of the staff at the school in NI at some point. Oh and my sponsor on my application was DLSA.
  14. Don't twat your hand off the door knob as you march in for your interview either ;)