Ammunition Technician question regarding Paras/Commandos.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Neil1234, Apr 26, 2010.

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  1. Im starting basic training for this trade on the 23rd of august.

    Once i have qualified and started my job how long will it be until i can go try for my para wings and green beret?

    Thanks for any information.

  2. A jolly good first post! :D

    Well done!

    If you ask your section commander on the first day of your basic training, he'll be able to fast track you on to the Para Course on the Second week.

    Not a problem, it only takes an afternoon to do P Coy.
    You'll be expected to do two sit ups, in a minute & a half & then run to the cookhouse, where you'll be tested on downing a cup of tea & a burger & chips in 5 minutes or less. 8O

    If you pass that, they'll send you straight to Brize Norton for the Basic Parachute Course. :D

    You'll will be expected to watch the film "Theirs is the Glory & A Bridge Too Far" after which you'll be awarded the Blue Badge of Courage. :D

    Your section commander will issue you with with your Green Beret, before going on P Company selection. :)

    Good luck mate!!! 8)
  3. Im starting to believe that serious answers are devoid from this forum. :D

    I do enjoy the sound of that though. I bet you were just waiting for something like this to troll over werent you?

    Well, it doesnt seem so hard then. Don't know what all the fuss is about.

    Thanks for all the advice and i hope to hear from you soon.

    Cheers. Neil.
  4. Firstly you will have to pass Basic Training, which I have no doubt you will.

    Then you have to go through the process of ATCAB, AT Selection and then attend and pass the AT course which is roughly about 9 months long.

    If your entire aim is to either get a maroon or green lid then maybe AT isnt the best choice for you.

    There isnt much call for para/cdo trained AT's although there are postings to 3 Bde and attachments to para's.

    Correct me if im wrong but the impression your giving is of a bit of a walt, bet you have read all the Andy McNab/Chris Ryan books havent you :)

    Your recruiting staff should have been able to explain this to you when you made enquiries about AT from the offset.


  5. If you want to be Para/Cdo trained you need to go Sapper,and join 33 EOD Regt,after basic combat engineer training.
  6. To OP:


    Without something of an explanation of your ambition you just seem like another wannabe.
  7. Is that because you can only get these quals in the RE then?
  8. Become an AT, and get posted to ATSG as a LCpl AT. You will then need to spend 18 months there. Towards the end of that, apply for P Coy or AA Cdo Cse.

    There are various AT posts which are Para/Cdo tied like Alpha Tp or the 3 Cdo Bde ATs, or certain jobs at Hereford in time.

    Best of luck to you.
  9. Thank you for that.

    I was aware that i would first of all have to complete my Ammunition Technician training. I was just wondering because, contrary to what you have said, i didnt actaully get much information on the para or commando detatchment.

    All i was told was that i could join one. Which im looking forward to if i ever get that far. Ive never read any work by either Andy Mcnab or Chris Ryan. What ive seen of them has been on the old TV, and from that ive come to the conclusion that they are punters.

    Maybe my post was abit hasty. I am dedicated to being an AT and anything else that i can get while in that job. I am excited about going into the army and i regret that this haste and excitement has been misconstrued as stupidity or ignorance,

    Thanks again for the help Flyer.

  10. Cheers bullet fixer. Wish i heard something like that from my recruiter.
  11. Oh well, It's nice to see you have a sense of humour mate! :D

    Good luck! :D
  12. haha cheers cunny!
  13. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Right fuknutz, once you've pased your AT course you'll be posted to Kineton.

    Kineton will release you to attend any course deemed suitable and developmental to your career just so long as you've proved yoursefl to be worthy of being released.

    Tipping up and demanding to go on P-Coy or AACC will get the big FO.

    Good luck, see you soon. :twisted:
  14. Ignore cunny-funt - he's never got over his nickname of Arther. Apparently his father could be Arther brigade......:)
  15. General Melchett, cheers for the information. It'd be foolish of me to demand these courses as soon as im posted to Kineton. Which i wasnt going to do anyway. And i doudt anybody else would.

    Merely asked what the procedure was and what kind of time frame i was looking at. Ive recieved the relevant information and yours is also much appreciated.

    Yours faithfully,