Ammunition Technician Phase 2 Training, where will I be based?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by JackaWilko, Oct 14, 2011.

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  1. To give an idea of what I'm asking, I'm looking to join the AFC in Harrogate this January and I have gone through the first few steps in joining I have yet to conduct my interview and fitness selection in Scotland. I have my three choices but I need to know where the Phase 2 training for an Ammo Tech will be. I'm in Yorkshire, east to be exact, if that helps.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Firstly before you get to phase 2, You'll have to pass two seperate selections trade specific (might be one now), but even so, its not for the faint hearted. If You get through, selection, after basic you'll go to blackdown (more commonly known as deepcut in surry), then on to Kineton north of Bnabury.
    Last selection 37 tried, 12 passed. Good luck, and by the way run amo abyssus
  3. I'm aware of the tough selection and the basics of training already but thanks for putting into perspective :)

    Thanks for the information, much appreciated.
  4. It is one now just the ammo tech selection before you get a date for basic. I had mine 2 weeks ago 10 people passed out of 40. Phase 2 is spilt, 5 weeks at the defense academy in shiverham and 20 weeks at kineton then you would have a 18 month posting to kineton.
  5. More like a 24month posting soon!
    Also, since when has deep cut been referred to as Blackdown?
  6. Blackdown was its name before it was renamed on amalgamation.
  7. You might want to look at this thread;
  8. What is it that causes so few to make the cut? Is it a case of limited places restricting the number that can be selected or is it something genuinely difficult about the process where people fall down? You obviously wouldn't expect anything to be easy, that is not what I am suggesting, but a selection pass rate of 25% sounds quite low?
  9. Ever thought that maybe the group attending the selection quite simply are shit and don't make the cut?
  10. :nod: Of course, I just didn't want to be so rude as to suggest it. Surely there is some vetting done before they're sent to selection. I just can't believe that that many people are actually just, well, stupid. I suppose you can't knock them for trying lol?
  11. Make sure your mathematical abilities without a calculaor are up to standard!!
    Btw I am an Ammo Tech :eye:
  12. A quick point to all you potential ATs. Work harder on your English, some of the posts on this thread are shocking.

    You will be required to be an excellent communicator in both the spoken and written form.

    I'm not normally a spelling or grammar Nazi, but as this is a trade specific thread with ATs and potential ATs then you should be displaying your true potential and not a half arsed lazy attitude.

    There endeth the lesson.
  13. If I was sent back a decade in time the GCSE classes I would most struggle with are English and French. I would fear the hour that English Language was upon me. And if I can't quite grasp the English language properly, how should I expect to learn French?

    Math on the other hand has always nestled nicely in my brain except for some reason long division always escapes.
  14. There are upto 16 spaces available on each course.

    Intelligence and aptitude are just one part of the testing process.

    Most people fail because they don't possess the right qualities - you've either got it or you haven't, this is why you appear before a panel of AT/ATOs.

    This may seem harsh, but as an AT your career will always be ahead of the curve (Sgt after 4 or 5 years) so you must be ahead of the curve.
  15. Any applicants such as myself can only hope to have "it" and in the mean time prep myself as well as possible. I still have a few months before I can start applying so all I can do is follow the good advice that can be found.