Ammunition Technician-Paths To Follow.

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Jordan1234, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi,

    I have passed my ADSC at junior level and I am looking to have a career as an Ammunition Technician. The trade looks very good and I think that I could excel within the trade, however to be completely honest I am worried about working with a bomb disposal team in Afghanistan (after looking at many documentaries and death rates etc). I have spoke to my recruiting sargeant about this however as he does not know the trade too well, he couldn't shed too much light on it. I was wondering what other paths I could take after hitting the rank of Sargeant. I have looked into doing an all arms course and joining the Commando's or maybe even the SAS, but would I still be doing the same job as to repairing,inspecting,testing and storing ammunition? As that does sound like a starting point for me(however blowing up things and playing around with explosives does sound like fun).I have also looked to going into instructing but the problem with that is I would still want to tour and I'm not sure if you would be able to juggle going out with your chosen regiment to tour Afghanistan or wherever the war may be and instructing SUT's? But first and foremost I would really like to know the different paths I could take after the first four to five years as over the internet it is quite clear on what happens over this period but it does not tell you alot of what you can do after apart from bomb disposal.

    Thank you for reading and I would really appreciate anyone's help. Just to let you know I am going to Kineton this December for my last test before starting Phase 1.
  2. Just in case you haven't read it;

    So now your on your 3rd choice career (your other aspirations to be a driver or a RS CS Op) you seem to have settled on AT.

    Only a couple of people in the trade have managed to avoid EOD their entire careers, for most this is the main reason for joining the trade in the first place.

    EOD is PART of the AT trade you can either be part of it for your entire career or dip in and out of it on postings, but it'll be difficult to avoid it altogether as approx 75% of AT posts are in 11 EOD Regt RLC which should give you a hint.

    In conclusion

    You still have to pass ATCAB at which there is a 75% failure rate and a few other hurdles before thinking about your future in 5yrs. Not that is wrong to ask, it may be, lets say, a little premature.

    Are you sure you want to join as an AT or even the Army?
  3. Yet another one who can't even be bothered to search the forum for the plethora of AT threads.
  4. A storage guru in the making!
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  6. 'Avoid' being the operative word, the risks in EOD are to be viewed against your training and the support of the troops around you. you should neither be too anxious to go nor avoid your turn, just aim to be professional and don't 'avoid' your responsibilities if you make it to AT.

    Why would anyone aspire to be known by all as a spineless coward???
  7. No! The RLC is toppers with them. Still they are falling over them selves to get in.