Ammunition Technician Careers Advisory Board

Got my dates for the Ammunition Technician Careers Advisory Board at the end of July.

Started revising some old GCSE Maths books, and filled in the majority of the DLP (Distance Learning Pack) with just a few points left to complete.

Was just wondering if anyone had any advice on the types of questions they will be asking in the interview?

Any replies much appreciated :D
Well it could be anything. When i was going for AT selection i was asked questions such as:
Do you still wet the bed?

Do you like starting fires?

Do you like to wear a dress?
dingerr said:
Well it could be anything. When i was going for AT selection i was asked questions such as:
Do you still wet the bed?

dingerr said:
Do you like starting fires?
Of course I am a man, how else can I burn meat

dingerr said:
Do you like to wear a dress?
erm, is it the 3rd Thursday of the month :oops:

Don't forget the other classics

Do you have nightmares?

Do you feel like running away from everything?

Do you like farmyard animals?

Do you practice wizardy and worship the occult?

Are you likely to have a tantrum and cut one of your fingers off and throw it under the door?
Do you like staring into dark corners?

Do you get urges to shout loudly in a quiet church?
Nice to hear that they actually do have a selection process and ask potential AT's questions.

For RE BD it's "Can you write your name?" ... "Good, sign here". :D
I remember,
"do you like fur lined slippers"?
" do you like the feeling of sand running through your fingers"?
"do you like looking at railway lines dissapearing into the distance"?
" do you agree with whipping as a punishment"?

This was in '76, so nothing changes

John H
On a more serious note..
I sat my ATCAB a few months ago, found it to be a great opportunity to see the less glamorous side of the trade at ATSG which actually got me interested in the broader specs of the job than just wanting to be Macguyver. It's your chance to ask them any questions you have of the job and see the day-to-day workings should you be posted there.
You should have the programme/joining instructions which outline the two-day assessment - maths test (based on the DLP style questions - not particularly taxing, but worth going over the booklet a few times anyways), group discussions (ie should women serve in the army, smoking ban etc - don't argue or shy away, debate the topic with others opinions in mind), and finally the interview. As i did, you should be interviewed by a Warrant Officer and perhaps a Captain...all that jazz about being yourself, do it! Don't deviate from what you actually wrote in your DLP, so make sure you remembered why you're joining. Character strengths/weaknesses, personal history,career aspirations etc.
I had a great time on mine, the interview wasn't there to grill you so relax(slightly), take advantage of the session as you can't generally get that much information on the internet apart from here and a few other sites. Don't believe everything your careers office says about the trade, call the ATCAB helpline and ask away - the phone number is in the info pack.
Good luck with it all, i imagine you'll be in Pirbright soon enough so drop me a message and we'll meet up while your here - i leave basic in november, and there is quite a lag between the next selection board so no doubt we'll cross paths along the way...
Thanks for the above post, very informative. Im attending ATCAB next thursday. I have finished the DLP bar one question. What does ATSG stand for? I can't find it anywhere online?

Thanks Tom

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