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Calling all AT's - After a two year wait (deferred on medical grounds, all clear now..), i have finally succeeded in bypassing the bureaucratic hurdle that is the careers office - due to sit my first interview for selection this week. I am applying for the trade of Ammo Tech, having a desire to eventually serve with 11 RLC EOD. I have been in a RE EOD TA unit now for going on three years, which is where my initial interest spawned, and am looking for any general advice and tips on how i might succeed with the board come selection time. I've read many previous forums discussing this which have been very helpful, but anything additional would help - such as, should i look into studying basic electronics, refreshing my maths(GCSE and above?) and so on? Though the selection itself is done after basic training is there anything that can be done to improve my chances prior to then - ie to make contact and express an interest via official channels ? I had a tour at 621 last year, a great opportunity to see the day to day working schedule, and intend to organise a further trip to 821 in the next few months. Is there such a thing as been too keen? All answers much appreciated, as well as any other information you feel would help...
You need to have a long, hard look at basic grammar. Pay close attention to sentences and paragraphs!!!!
Getting on top of your maths and english would be the way forward. Ultimately when it comes to the board be yourself and be honest. Don't try and give the answers that you think they want to hear, it is too apparant and you will come across as false.

Visiting the Various Sqns and Tps is a good idea and when asked about it you can confirm that it is the way you want to go forward.

Are you aware though that it's not all Bomb Disposal, but there is also a mundane side to the job in inspection and repair and places like Kineton.

There is loads on here about AT's and AT selection. Do a search have a good read then comeback with any questions.
Onetup3 said:
Oh no, not yet another wannabe BDH!
No. He wants to join the RLC not RE :lol:
You can attend an Ammo Tech Careers Advisory Board (ATCAB) before basic training. Does what it says on the tin, advises you if AT is the job for you.

I understand it's done via the Careers office and RLC recruiting team.

Then just a case of passing the AT selection and, of course, graduating.
Do an ATCAB. You get to talk to me!!

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