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Discussion in 'RLC' started by GasmaskWilf, Mar 22, 2005.

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  1. Should the current system for promotion of ATs be maintained or should there be an additional technical board?

    This isn't a dig at anyone selected for promotion or a complaint against the system, however I do think the current method of selection does have its flaws.

    The boards that sit can only judge the individual by his/her CR but do those CRs contain enough detail. Fine, they maybe excellent soldiers, but are they excellent or even capable technicians? What's more important Good Soldier or Good Technician? Or should there be a happy medium?

    If there was a technical board, or element of in CRs, then perhaps even more suitable candidates would be selected for promotion. After all we are technicians.
  2. CR's should be written with the following four paragraphs:


    If they are written correctly then they do indeed incorporate all of what you are asking for. Technical competance should be mentioned in the second and fourth paragraphs.

    If someone gets promoted who is not technically able for it, then who's fault is it? Thiers or the Fcukwit rodney who wrote the darn thing in the first place?
  3. Most assuredly the F*ckwit who wrote the damn thing! The trade is littered with people who have been promoted despite rank technical incompetence and very poor military abilities. In the past people have been "Promoted and Posted" (a prime example being a recently departed instructor at the ASA who when serving was known as "Plug" - representing SAT) or indeed comissoned despite being total Arrseholes!- Je suis un commando Francais. :roll:
  4. Wilf

    Shoud promotion be based on one's ability as a Soldier or Technician?

    I suggest it is based on neither. Otherwise you would still be an Acting Assistant Deputy No 2. Or something. :wink:
  5. Rowley,

    Bones creaking? getting bitchy!!!!!

    As a man who really did he was better than his position on the board but clearly wasn't, I don't think it should be changed until something genuinely better is devised.

    A tech board would just fight a full board and be pointless. What use is top tech LCpl after 22 years - supplier of dribble! WO1s and Capts (Majs etc) can call upon technically adept regimental quarterwits for tech advice when they're in a position of command.

    It almost works - leave it
  6. Harsh but fair Rowley.

    Gas man wolf, can I assume you consider yourself a top technician, no doubt with a firm grasp of JSP 482?
  7. Being a bit harsh there I think. Admittedly I'm no IEDD Demi-God, as anyone who knows me could testify, but I don't do too bad at the rest of the stuff.
  8. Knowing or having a firm grasp of JSP 482 does not instantly make one a top technician. No I do not consider myself a top technician but I do know my job.

    The whole point of this subject and the one about ATs being evaluated every year is to evoke discussion on different ways we could improve the trade. By having a technical level, decided by evaluation or a board, which must be attained before substantive promotion is given, would be a means of self-regulation. And, as also mentioned elswhere, it may provide further encouragement for award of additional pay.

    Personally, I'm not anticipating or expecting any further promotion and, as my pension date looms closer, am looking forward to civvy street. But, sad as it might seem, I would like to leave the trade knowing that it was in a better state than it is now.
  9. It would be nice if the Board Members had sufficient time to read all of each CR.

    Each Board Member only normally gets about 10 seconds per CR, if that, before going onto the next indivual's. Long enough to read the last few lines of your CO's write up and to then give you a score.

    It is the fault of the system and the trade when a individual gets promoted too soon. However, some COs are better at writing up individuals than others. It's all down to that last line.
  10. Wilf, you are right, it is the CO's write-up that makes the difference, and indeed some CO's are better at articulating their views than others; however each member of the board gets more than 10 seconds per report, normally just under 2 minutes.

    The CO's part is read first to gain an overall impression of the subject soldier and decide whether they even stand a chance on the board. Then the 1st RO section is read next to fill in the gaps and gain a fuller picture of the soldier. If this box is written correctly it should have the 4 Ps as described earlier and if someone is a technical buffoon it should have words to that effect.
  11. Ok I take it back. I was being uneccessarily nasty to Wilf, and with beastliness aforethought to boot. But then I'm a nasty person. That's why they won't promote me! That's what I keep telling everyone. :lol:
  12. In my opinion a soldier should be promoted on both his ability as a technician and as a NCO. Too many techs are being promoted who havent got the NCO qualities i.e leadership. Take the infantry all their NCO's are leaders, however just because a tech is a good leader doesn't mean to say he is a good tech. It is the ability to get the right balnce to produce a good NCO tech
  13. Maybe if you were less nasty (esp to [former] operators in Maydown & Omagh concerning male grooming products and male glamour photographs :lol: ), and became a techno-geek and male-gay-porn afficionado :oops: in the manner of your predecessor, then maybe you might get promoted. :wink: Also stop telling Yoda jokes and get yourself a Half Colonel to take you under his wing and ask for you to escort him aroound the world (eg Sierra Leone). 8O

    Technical competence is one thing, but who you know is another!
  14. Think you might be mistaken as to how much time they get to read reports. 6 Board members (atleast thats how many I think there is) 2 minutes each per bod's CRs = 12 minutes. Then times that by the hundreds of other bods all recomended for promotion (don't forget it is all trades across the RLC) = bledy long time.
    If you are of the appropriate grade you can get to observe and even sit on them.

    The only time that CRs are given more time to be read is when checking out vastly different point scores. Well that's my understanding, but I could be wrong.
  15. Would this individual be the same one who tried to get the Inf to have FFE chits for the Det Clips they were using to secure mini-cylumes to their helmets? That was not the only arrse thing he came out with either.

    He managed to impress someone.