Ammunition symbols.

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by bubsnicket, Dec 9, 2007.

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  1. Extremely sad I know, but Im trying to track down the meaning of the symbols on the top of 5.56 ammo cartons (just under the manufacture info). On live cartons there are three, one being a black dot that Im guessing means ball, and on blank there are two (I think).

    Asked my CSM and the badge the other day, still no luck.

    Any geniuses out there who can help?
  2. Here you go, and try not to stick the pages together :

    Ministry of Defence
    Defence Standard 00-810 Part 20
    Issue 1 Publication Date 18 August 2006
    Marking of Ammunition and
    Associated Packages
    Part 20

    Pages 23 & 24 refers

  3. Thanks Mike - now I can really prove myself to be the biggest nerd on the block!

  4. If you really want to read Def Stan 08-10 then fair play to you, but i bet your head will explode before you get to the bit that answers your question.

    From your discription, it sounds like you are refering to the symbol for link (denoted by 2 dots with a continuous horizontal line running through them).

    The symbol for blank is a broken hollow circle with the breaks at N, E, S, W.
  5. Hey, Dingerr. Is there a mistake? Figures 29 and 30 appear to be the same, but should denote different methods of packing.
  6. Well spotted, the tech author needs a kick in the bollox.

    The symbol for bandolier is displayed in figure 31. (Not the one that looks like a garden fence!)
  7. (I didn't really read all the way through it, BTW) ;)
  8. At the risk of sounding stupid, if no-one knows what these symbols mean, how are they in any way useful?
  9. The people who need to know what the symbols mean, are taught what they mean (ammo storemen etc).
    Symbols are used because it crosses any language barrier.
  10. It's OK, the contents of the box are also written in English so the user knows what's inside. The symbols are there so that the Ammo Techs have something to learn on their course and can act superior to others that haven't learned the symbols.

    It all falls flat though, because when Ammo Techs talk to each other, they have to use the same words as the proles as they'd feel silly saying things like "Pass me the box of open circle divided into four segments with lines between the solid circles." (Blank link, I think). ;)

    Aside from which, my previous post shows that their script is fukced anyway.
  11. Ahh, I stand corrected, second biggest nerd on the block. 8)
  12. Keep trying. It just takes practice.
  14. Fascinating stuff guys, no really!

    Just goes to prove, you learn something every day.


    Edited to read: :sleepy:
  15. It's a fascinating list of armament factories that BAe have closed down... :(