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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by DesktopCommando, Apr 11, 2013.

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  1. Where do i find out the Shelf Life expectacy for All ammunition. Been on the JSMCR (LIR) site, and can see a few items, but not allMainly after SAA
  2. The ‘Lifed Items Register’ is the appropriate section of the JSMCR. If is not in the JMSCR then it has no published life expiry and wil be constrained when the IPT recieves loads of reports of it failing to function.

    Are you having fun with MJDI??
  3. Yeah, also got pre LSI inspection, and RQ asking question's, do you have a written version to show him "no Shelf life" anywhere ?
  4. Unfortunately I doubt you can use an anonymous poster on Arrse as a reference. :)

    Best I can do is JSP 482 Chap 21 read and enjoy.
  5. Have a browse at your issue vouchers, you should find it on there along with any constraints for that particular BKI.
  6. Found out, if not on 1000+, 9000+ or LIR register, then there is no shelf-life, so update MJDI with a far away expirey date :)
  7. Another question, anyone got a rough idea the weight of H84 & H83 with Brass in (7.62/5.56 mix)
  8. Did you use my post #2 as reference or did you actually get a JSP reference?
  9. IIRC ts appox the same as the initial filled weight as you can squeeze more brass in.
  10. No it's not stinker. IIRC 900 x 5.56mm in H83 weighs 15.2Kg, fired recovered brass will weigh substantially less.

    DC, JSP 482 should guide you.

    As for Shelf Life, all ammunition has SLEDs (Shelf Life Expiry Date). It's a management tool, you don't need to worry about it, just monitor and apply the Bans / Constraints applicable to you.

    Comply with JSP 482 and expend your earliest dated ammo first, unless a constraint dictates otherwise.
  11. Cheers have you got NSN for brass too :)621 told me about the non-shelf live :)
  12. No NSN for brass.

    Is this to bring it to account? If so speak to your BOWO for best practice.
  13. dingerr you may/may not be aware that MJDI asks this question when inputting ammo.
  14. Shelf life data is also contained in Ammuntion Management Policy Statements if they exist for the item(s).
  15. DC won't have access to AMPs and God only knows when they were last amended.