Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by copper_knobblet, Jan 3, 2006.

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  1. Reading on the MoD website it says the introduction of the Minimi and UGL will significantly reduce the amount of ammunition carried by the section/platoon.

    How can this be when there are now more ammo hungry weapons than ever at the platoon level?

    How many rounds is a Minimi gunner allocated?

    What about the GPMGs at platoon level?
  2. Varies on SOP's. Its not like SF were you can say flat 5000 plus.

    Our Minimi's Have a belt of 200 + 400 in a day sack and another 200 carried by somebody else but thats just us and that is training... On the day you carry what you can.
  3. Personally I'm really glad that any bad guys won't be able to see any replies to this.
  4. This puzzled me a bit, until I looked it up. The article only refers to weight reduction from the adoption of UGL, not LMG:

    One new Under slung Grenade Launcher (UGL), designed to be mounted beneath the barrel of the IW, will be issued to each fire team, replacing the Rifle Grenade General Service (RGGS) and 51mm mortar - significantly reducing the ammunition load the infantry section carries, while enhancing its capabilities. The UGL will be able to fire 40mm High Explosive (HE), smoke and illuminating rounds out to a range of 350 m to destroy, obscure or indicate enemy positions.

    Army shows off its latest generation of infantry firepower
  5. This mean that there is no more need for 51mm within Platoon HQ?
  6. nah they are getting that automatic grenade launcher sh1tew in to replace 51mm
    Director of inf said so
  7. Was thinking that the UGL doesn't make up for the 51mm indirect fire range of 700m.

    Although there is a note on that link saying that it will replace the 51mm, that's probably how they justify the less ammo argument.

    Instead of 2 mortar men carrying 51mm smoke and HE, as well as sections carrying rifle grenades, just everyone carries 40mm grenades for the UGL.
  8. Having read the thread, there will now only be one bayonet per fire team, due to the weapon variations. Somebody really ought to warn Tsar- Nicolas not to cut his assault vest to pieces, just yet. Ho, hum! :twisted:
  9. check out his posts troops, lots of questions about this an that,some say hes been in awhile some say hes just done recruit trg,
    poss JOURNO alert, if im wrong then i apologise, but for some one who is serving this info is ready available.
  10. I recall reading an old BAR with an article by Sydney Jary that compared and contrasted the firepower and capablties available to a 1944 Rifle Battalion and a 1990-ish Rifle battalion with Organic support only. Nearly all the time a 1944 Rifle platoon could cover areas greater than a 1990 Platoon without support. In some areas we're (supposedly) better off. In too many areas we lack the reach of our 1944 counterparts. Mr Jary talks about a platoon task where he had to hold a canal crossing and keep the Germans back at about 1,000 yards. With just the rifles and Bren guns of his own platoon he was able to achieve that mission. I'd need GPMG's and L96A1 to assist me in achieving that mission. Am I better off than he was?
  11. I found those articles well worth a read. However, I also find that a constant theme of the Normandy campaign from my readings on the subject is how the German Army section with 1 to 3 MG34/MG42 consistently won the firefight against the 2 Bren British Army section, all other things being equal. We didn't approach this level of firepower until the post-Falklands 2 GPMG section. However then you have to carry everything hence the move to a lighter calibre - and the wheel turns yet again.

    Maybe it's time we abandoned the fantasy that infantry should plan to operate as if vehicles did not exist and accept that each section should have something mounting at least a GPMG (dismountable maybe) along with it. Hence our modern platoon has several vehicle-mounted weapons on call. With, say a GPMG, .50 calibre and a small mortar you could take care of most things. In defence you couls take them off the wagons and dig them in.
  12. Agreed. The late War German Rifle Platoon had become a unstated GPMG Platoon with up to 6 guns and lots of ammo bearers. Tatics helped as well. A normal practise was to pick a position with a good field of view and fire, wait until some allied forces hove into view, let them get to about 500m and then hose them down with a belt or two, in looooooong bursts. Once the Allied troops had stopped, dismounted. shock out and sorted out a spot of hate the Germans left and moved another 1km down the road. Leaving the Allied forces to waste an hour head butting an empty position.

    There has been work on cut down Spartans to carry stuff, much like the Old Carrier Platoon and reviewed in BAR. But no Senior f**kwit will pay for it cos it's not as sexy as big tanks or AS90.

    On a similar Theme...Why the f**k has no f**kwit bought us 6 or 8 wheeled APC's for Bosnia, Kosovo and now Iraq? We're still driving in plastic armoured snatchs as protectio from stones that aren't too big........

    There are plenty of already paid for 6 and 8 wheeled families in service, instead of wasting money on TRACER and FRES. AND they would have seen far more service use than humping Warrior all the way to Bosnia and Kosovo just to sit in camp and rot
  13. There was a prototype CVRt version with a flatbed for this reason, i think it was the basis of the minefield laying one?

    Easy solution, all inf platoon sgts issued a supacat to bring up ammo and other stores, support weapons platoons get the CVRt flatbed to carry mortars etc. Oh wait that will cost money, maybe not!
  14. Not a journo.

    I'm just interested in stuff. I thought I could ask here without seeming like a sad **** in person.

    Same goes for other questions. And since when have the type of journo's you fear asked questions like the ones I have?

    If its restricted fine. It's dropped.
  15. www.tanks for
    have checzh 8 wheeld armoured car things mounting twin 30mm's
    Ta section could buy one with its bountys
    bmp 3 $199,000 new
    alos somebodys got 6000 of our old slrs looking for a home :(