Ammo Techs Black Tie Dinner 2010

Discussion in 'RLC' started by rmgbem, Mar 2, 2010.

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  1. The AT's BTD will be on 17 Apr 10 in the Kineton Station WO's & Sgts Mess, Marlborough Barracks. Anybody who wears or has worn an AT/AE Badge and their guests are welcome to attend. Details from the Chairman by emailing ""

    Be there or be talked about! :D

  2. I wear one under my frock but only at weekends. Can i come?
  3. Photo evidence required please. May be PM'd to preserve modesty!
  4. Is DRLC the guest of honour?

    Accompanied by E in C hosted by PATO
  5. Or are they going to the ATO one instead? :twisted: I shall be sure to say hello.
  6. Is the ATO dining thing still alive? Linky or details?
  7. Can I come and pretend that I'm not really a wedge?
  8. The ATO Dining Club is alive and well. See my PM.
  9. My bold!

    Is anywhere near Kineton Station's Sgts' Mess? :p

    Best check my chair for drawing pins tomorrow! :)

    Tenks for Mr Vice!
  10. Make sure you know and stand for the Royal Engineers March....and no white socks with slip-on shoes either Guys...... ;)
  11. Since my last post my gym ball that I use as a chair seems to have developed a leak!

  12. Beware - RMGBEM has partners-in-crime in many places!!!
  13. How Do Shouty!
  14. HULLO!!! :D
  15. Bump!