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Discussion in 'RLC' started by UK_General, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. im 17 and in the application process, just got defferd today. Kind of a kick in bollocks but wat can you do. im wanting to be an Ammo Tech, and for any Ammo Techs reading this could you tell me about wat trainings like? wat the jobs like? (pros and cons) what experiances you've had? Anything along them lines please, id like a better insight on the career. Would be a great help thanks

  2. did you really score 'enuff' to be offered ammo tech? 'Ur' spellings really 'baad'! Check this simple endex exercise out, what makes the bigger bang? clues in the question!!!hmmm, Grenade (Big Bang) and Granada (TV), imagine the confusion should you get that wrong!

    Hmmmmmmmmm good luck
  3. im new to this endex, didn't no every one was so picky on spelling, i'll take great care and check through it to ensure theres no spelling mistakes
  4. im (I'm?) new to this endex, didn't no (know?) every one (everyone?) was so picky on spelling (should be full stop now). I'll take great care and check through it to ensure theres (there's? or there are?) no spelling mistakes (full stop?).

    No, not just spelling - English in general old chap.
  5. Eats, shoots and leaves.
  6. In all seriousness, we like ATs to have an adequate grasp of Her Majesty's language as they are required to write technical reports. Reports which include technical terms like 'aluminised rubbery hydroxy-terminated polybuteidine', or 'cyclotrimethylenetrinitramine'. So if you're struggling with 'know' I'd get a bit of practice in.
  7. If this is an example of a seventeen year old’s grasp of his first language, it’s truly embarrassing.
    You had to get top scores in your dominoes (showing my age) to even be considered for the Ammo Tech trade.
    WTF has happened?
    Are we that desperate for recruits that we are willing to accept illiterate people without the common sense to use a dictionary?
    I know a handful of Ammo Techs who transferred in and do not have a single education certificate between them, but they are still able to string words together to form coherent sentences.

    Edited for being a Muppet!

    Thanks Tilbake.
  8. Ok. i was only writing like that because i just wanted to type quicker, plus i've got a pappy keyboard, A* at GCSE English and A at A/S. So i would say i have a firm enough grasp of the english language But i know where your coming from with the illiteracy, too much texting and i'm just trying to get it out of my system. Sorry for that. More picky you lot are, more it benifits me. So i take it nobody has any advice for me. Would be much appreciated.
  9. It's fecking "I" not "i".

    There, I feel better now. Time for a lie down.
  10. And that's English with a capital letter and you're not your, oh and benefits has two "e"s and one "i".

    As for advice, well learn to have the p#ss taken out of yourself and be stabbed in the back by the trade.....BUT, they will always defend you against others (with a couple of exceptions!) as you wear "The Badge". Work hard and play hard(er) and you can be an AT. :D
  11. Cheers Grumpy my love :) . Any one else got any sound advice. Other than how I can improve my atrotious spelling?
  12. Yes use a spell checker! You can get one for free if you use the Google toolbar with Firefox
  13. He hasn't been accepted....yet? :twisted:
  14. UK General, you need to get a book on grammar as well as spelling for Christmas! The sad thing is I believe that you have those grades and probably for work written to the same standard, as the above quote.