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Discussion in 'RLC' started by thedurdles1, Aug 22, 2006.

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  1. im considering transferring from being a reme elec tech. I have heard that ammo tech has potentially good promotion is this true. Or is there a officer type selection process to get past sgt like as a reme tech. Does ammo tech have alot of world wide postings? Would the job be mentally stimulating, again i ve heard a couple bad reports about the job.
  2. I'll start off by saying I'm biased in favour of the AT trade.

    I transferred from another trade in the same corps and I can honestly say it was the best thing I could have done. Like anything else, it hasn't always been a bed of roses but, overall, there is nothing else I would rather do in the army. If I wasn't an AT I'd be a civvy.

    The trade does have excellent promotion prospects. I'm glad you used the word 'potential' because it all depends on you. You will be a LCpl on completing your T2 course and, all being well, you can expect to be a Cpl a year or so after that. Then after your T1 course Sgt could come along fairly quickly, but there are exceptions.

    There is the ATCAB and the selection course to complete, before you are loaded onto the T2 course but if you're a REME elec tech this shouldn't be a problem for you. There is also psychometric testing. There isn't an officer type course for Sgt but you will have to pass your T1 and be recommended like any other trade.

    ATs are posted wherever the army is, although most posts are in GB.

    Some of the more routine jobs at JNCO level can be mundane but in effect you are working your apprentceship and its time well spent in the long run. Most of the trade's work is at SNCO level, which is why there is relatively quick promotion. I think you'll find most of the technical tasks stimulating. You will definately find EOD (particularly the IEDD element) a mental challenge. The way we approach the subject is for the operator to apply technical and tactical principles. You out-think the bomber, rather than out-brave the bomb.

    Like any other trade it has its ups and downs and its not perfect by any means. You will find people who do nothing but moan about the trade, but they all seem to still be here. The fact is that AT is a trade that a lot of people transfer in to and hardly any transfer out of.

    The best thing to do is contact your local detachment of 11 EOD Regt and speak to the guys who are doing it. PM me with your location if you need to know the addresses. Hope this helps.
  3. Apparently they've binned psychometric testing now, I did ATCAB and selection recently and there was no sign of it, perhaps they think an interview is sufficient (or maybe not considering some of the nutters on the course :D)
  4. Psychometric testing is now only done as required, not as a blanket for everyone in the trade. You will only do it when selected for the Joint Service IEDD operator course.

    It is done by civvy contractors (QinetiQ head-shrinks) and obviously costs the MOD money for each candidate they assess. To save money, this is now carried out 'at the point of need' rather than for every trade applicant. Hope this helps.
  5. Don't you just love it when they reinvent the wheel? That was how it was done when the testing was first introduced, but it was eventually felt unfair to let someone into the trade, only to find they could only work in half of it later on. In fact, any AT who failed was remustered in his secondary trade. So lots more money was wasted on traing an AT who then can't be employed as one. Arrse.
  6. So are the other JS Operators being psychometric tested before the JSIEDD course or only ATs?

    Who is keeping the records of who has passed sucessfully or who has failed?
  7. What about the Wedge?

    Surely power crazed meglomaniac empire builders with multiple personality issues would have difficulty passing?

    Walter Mitty wannabe Operators should be easy to weed out during the psychometric testing :)
  8. I take it you were a RE BDO then Bomb Doctor.
  9. Oh yeah..... I'm Wedge all the way.... :)
  10. Slightly untrue......If you were under 25 when you did the test, you could do a retake because they then considered 25 to be the maturity age. Over 25 and you failed but you were not necessarily remustered. The physco test was basically for NI ops! In my day there were some bloody good ATs who had failed the test who kept the trade going in what was then its primary function.......surveillance and repair. IEDD was a secondary task, and some guys were not best suited to it. It did not mean they were bad ATs. I agree that it does seem to have been reinvented, by doing it when it is absolutely necessary thereby saving dosh. Bloody cheapskates!!!!!
  11. More than happy with 25 being the maturity age! Quite right too, far to many young SNCO's given too much to soon because their trade warrants it. If the trade has such responsibility that a the rank of SNCO needs to be given then that responsiblty should not be passed to someone who has yet to meet the maturity age.

    All tech Corps do it and I am a firm believer that it is wrong, dicscuss!
  12. P*ss off back to your own forum. :x

    Discuss my arrse!
  13. This mode of thinking may have been suited to the day (I don't know whether it was or wasn't as I wasn't there), but there are many trades/jobs/CEGs within the Army that have a time indexed/accelerated/quick promotion. An age limit of 25 is a rather arbitrary and unscientific vehicle through which to establish a persons maturity. I know many officers who are well in excess of this age limit but would fall far below the "maturity threshold test".
  14. Sorry Dibb's, when are you 26 again??

    I'll leave you in peace ya grumpy bugger
  15. In 1976 I was 21 , I was given 2 chances to pass the test within a few months of each other and failed on both occasions. I was given two options, discharge or remuster. So I remustered as Supply Spec and was sent to Devizes.
    They tried to put me in the Bakery Section but having taken off my Flaming A
    that morning I just couldn't see myself as a Baker that afternoon, my head was reeling. I persuaded them to put me in Ammo Section.
    I lasted 3 years as a Supply Spec, but in the end I decided to PVR.
    I joined the Army to be an A.T. nothing less. :x