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I passed my ASDC back in June with a B grade and had my heart set on joining RA . However after talking to my recruitment officer yesterday he has informed me that the RA are not expecting a big intake next year i could still be waiting this time next year to get in and it would be better to look at Trade jobs .

The one job he mentioned that i have taken an interest in is Ammo Tech. I don't really know to much about RL as all my research has been into RA.I've done a bit of research on the mod website etc but it seems quite vague.I'm just after a bit more back ground on the job really , what training u do , promotion prospects etc as my recruiter wants an answer if i fancy it ASAP.

Thanks in advance
Cheers fellas ,as am Ammo Tech do u find yourself attached to other regiments round the country or is there just a standard barracks your attached to .

Thanks again in advance
Try a search on the RLC thread, a lot of people have asked the same.

good luck, if you pass AT selection and then the course you won't regret it.

Good luck
I was an Armourer in the RAF for 12 years,the chaps are right,it's a great job.Bloody hard & dangerous work but rewarding.Plus on the outside the civvie Police would snap you up!
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