Discussion in 'RLC' started by General Melchett, Oct 16, 2004.

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  1. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    My sources have told me that the AT trade may cease to exist in a matter of 3 years. Comments welcome.
  2. Melchers, you old spunk trumpet,

    What are your sources? We've been hearing this bunch of arrse since I joined the trade.

    My sources tell me otherwise, and I know some of the big boys! :wink:
  3. Never could understand the need for ATs!

    Any sup spec with a bit of brawn can hammer away at bullets and rockets. Anyhow, let the ATOs do a bit of work for a change!!! 8O
  4. Biggest problem that keeps rising is who are they going to replace Ammo Techs with?
    It's taken over 10 years just to qualify the trade for civilian recognition.
    At the moment the trade suffers from its own success, with the same number of established posted now as there was in the early 90's before SDR (or was it Options for Change, which ever was first) in which the Land Army was over 30% more than it is now.
    Can't see it myself, especially just after the work in the Gulf, with the largest deployment of Ammo Techs in modern history.
  5. Look at it from an accountants point of view (no, I am not a clerk) -

    Overpaid techies, fast track promotion (more pay they don´t need) and at 3BAD always on that horrid scottish RSM´s hitlist... well, so was I.... but that is another story!

    God did I hate 3 BAD and the Ammo site on the F.I.s!
  6. Most of the Ammo Techs hated 3 BAD as well. When the CO announced its closing the military cheered and civies cried. :lol:
    As for pay, you can’t really complain about pay in the army. Not when taken into account subsidised food, accommodation, transport, non contributory pension, education grant, paid leave etc.
    The trade has shot its self in the foot with rapid promotion though. Posting T2 LCpls into T1 Cpl slots. Promoting LCpl to Cpl who have never touched a box of ammo since graduation and having substantive Sgts who have less than 4 years experience in the army. The trade is loosing credibility on this aspect. :oops:
  7. Yep, I can follow that.

    When I passed out a mate went to staff clerk trg prior to the at course.

    He failed the AT course but was a full screw within 2 years and a sgt within 4! OUTSIDE of the trade bracket!!!

    Other lads I trained with were SGTs within 5 and a half years. That was when I jacked the (new) corps as Sup Specs didn´t have a hope in hell getting three tapes within 15 fecking years! :evil:

    As to the competence of substantive full screws with less then 3 years service - Not many as guard comd got it right.... they seemed to love extras!

    And the MTI´s hated them (and they were the ones dishing out all the extras).

    Yes, I was there when 3 BAD closed and I loved it (mainly cos I went into civvi street the next day to a cushy job in the DFS at JHQ! :p
  8. Me n bee,
    As a side line, do you remember an incident in which someone defrauded the local cash and carry out of 7,500DM of goods and used that RSM's name? :p
  9. No I don´t, but I would like to buy that person a beer!

    I got 7 days ROPs for being late for PT parade :roll:

    Thank you Mr RSM (bloody car I bought from an ammo tech broke down....what´s more, I worked in MT - RSMs 2 nd pet hate after ATs). :evil:
  10. I do remember the MTWO getting very, very worried after realising he had lost a land-rover.... I understand it was well and truly lost as well!
  11. I was at bract in 1972 when still 3 BAPD and the depot was just mainly sand tracks and IG Shalters - What a hole! Worked in SATO department and shared 8 man room with 6 AT's & stereos! All had cars of course. Being a poor Storeman at the time (No Sup Specs yet) of course had neither!

    Got transfered to B Company, and what did they do? Promote me and put me in charge of the RAG sheds. More fecking AT's - I spent more time in ammo units than in any other type of ordnance unit. I may as well have been one!!! Apart from the fact I had a regimental entry which barred me from selection at the time (Lucky me)

    P.S. We 'Lost' a Clark Ranger (Rear Wheel FRT before Eager Beavers) by hiding it in an IG Shelter with row of empty ammo boxes in front. (RAG also did Ammunition Empties then) Took MT a week to locate it! LOL only found it becouse someone told them where it was. I think the CATO was getting a little "We are not amused" Cannot remember why the MT driver had left it unattended!
  12. 3 bad hadn´t changed much then. I was there 95-96 and what a shithole.

    Dirt tracks were still there and I haven´t a clue what the shelter thingies were called! I was in the MT and I loved doing the post run, kept me outta harms way!

    The accomodation hadn´t changed much (so the civis said) and working there was a real dive, after all, before that I was down in Viersen... that effing place closed with me being last man there as well..

    Before that, 6 ord became 6 regt and we handed over Richmond bks over to the erics and moved up to Gütersloh...

    Ever had the feeling of being permanently evicted... well I did!

    Down the FIs I was posted in to ammo troop.... they said I had done the course - never had.. but they struck a deal with the boss down in stores and at least I was in my element there... Wish it would have been MT, now that´s something I did understand!

    So, as a B1 sup-spec they expect you to know everything, ammo as well, look after baby ATs cpls as well and smile when issueing ammo to ungrateful grunts!

    Feckin poor show... lucky I was a dvr rad-op for my last two!
  13. Getting back to the original question if I may (Never having served at Bracht I don't really know/care what you're on about!), recent gossip has it that DRLC/ATRA/DEMSS -or somebody else up on that pay scale plans to run 6 (yes SIX) AT courses at the AS of A in one year, in the very near future (i.e. within 2 years) because the trade is so under manned (alright personed now that Doris' try and do the job). Going on the current sucess rate, of 7 out of 16 still on the current course I believe, that will give the Corps(e) another 15 or 20 ATs, eventually! :roll:
  14. The school has been asked to schedule 6 Basic AT course for next year (2005).
  15. Who exactly are they planning to fill these courses with?, I don`t think there are enough Driver No2`s to fill 16 slots per course... Plus the rest of the Corps will be v pissed off at the amount of retrades.

    However, the numbers of T2 ATs will rise, because apparently failing at least 8 of the mandatory exams does not prevent you from successfully completing the BASIC course.

    As for standards, we only have to look at Acting Sergeants in the Regiment who due to their poor knowledge and lack of experience (less than 5 years) try to insert 120mm Tk Inert filled projectiles into civilian ladies who are walking their dogs.

    Everyone is allowed an opinion, but we are now even more dispised due to the ongoing plan to man the trade with fast promotion to make up for the mismangement of courses and promotions from the early nineties.