Ammo Tech Trade Filter

FG has highlighted that the system is at fault for producing lower standard BAT's. He has suggested that when it comes to CR time that they should not get recomended if not up to scratch. The problem is that for the same reason they are pumped out of ASA they will get promoted. They are needed as a poor person in post can be better than a gap, in reality more like numerous gapped posts. So there is not much stopping a persons progress.

Should there be filters? Exams are a filter but we can see that they are not being used for that reason. Why test? The filters used to be pre-select, basic course, upgrading, Int IEDD, Adv IEDD and STT. If you didn't pass you didn't progress up the ladder.

JS Licensing seems to have also been effected. It used to be three strikes and you were out. You would be lucky if you got some training in between goes. Now it is PLT beforehand and if you fail at the start of the week you may be lucky and get another go at the end of the week. Repeat failures just seem to get thrown back for another go regardless.

Are we becoming soft? Are standards dropping? Do we need to filter people out? If you answer yes to all these questions then how are you going to man the trade and do the work? I believe that it is all part of the master plan to keep the trade manned. Accepting this means accepting that once posted out of ASA some are going to need constant training to be of any use. Pass CMD at the ASA and then get trained and assessed in Sqn. Pass JS and require constant training to pass licensing. Require training before attempting HT. Without filters standards can only drop unless the training effort is huge. And what if even after all the training someone still doesn't have the apptitude?

Answers on a postcard to PATO.

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