Ammo Tech to be next Corps RSM!

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Oberleutnant_vn_Genschler, Jan 9, 2006.

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  1. About time too. The appointment of Corps RSM is to circulate around WO1's from different RLC trades. Next up is AT - any guesses as to who?
  2. Trade is irrelevant and should not predicate selection. The individual should be appointed because of his suitability to fulfill the role. It should be no more complicated than that.
  3. Wrong - ability has sod all to do with promotions or appointments thats what CR's and Boards are for, screwing it all up. The RLC is not united as there are still people with loyalties to there old cap badges. To help address this it has been decided that each trade should have a shot at it. I can see you point though as there can't be any WO1 Drivers out there capable of the job. Good point you make and as I am sure you will agree an AT would be ideal.
  4. CRs and selection boards are the only fair way to select promotions and appointments. Routine circulation through the variety of RLC trades is a naive and impractical proposition. Photographer, System Analyst, Veh Spec, the only Air Despatch WO1 (the list goes on) for next Corps RSM? Don't be absurd. The individual must be suitable for the role. The current (and most effective yet) Corps RSM is Driver trade and he was selected because of his leadership and soldiering skills. It had nothing to do with his trade knowledge, and nor should it. The RLC is not united because of blinkered attitudes like yours.
  5. Funny, I could swear the new Corps RSM who takes up post in Febuary is an MTI. Who as Bellthrob pointed out was selected on his leadership and soldiering skills etc NOT because of his trade.
  6. Fair, whats ruddy fair about them? I wasn't promised fair when joined up so I don't care but please don't tell me that you believe it is fair or expect me to believe? And as for my blinkered views there is only one Corps that rules them all - RCT, but then it was the largest.
  7. Having sat on a promotion board I can assure you that it is the fairest system available, unless of course your wise noggin could suggest a better and more effective alternative. The current DRLC is the first to be ex RCT, however we are now all RLC so get a grip. It is the likes of you who continue to cause division.
  8. Witchcraft would be far fairer. As for division blame the wedge.
  9. VooDoo would also be fairer or even some form of naked fighting with roll mats on a knock out basis.
  10. And we could also film it and give the tape to the media and get the public to vote for who they think should win - obviously that's what those Marines were doing - it was a CR selection board! :wink:
  11. Possibly, however experience tells me that the best way to get a good CR thereby getting noticed on a promotion board is to do a good job and shine in comparison to your peers. You will then get promoted. I suggest therefore that in your case you continue hoping for the witchcraft or Voodoo option. You may then have a chance.
  12. Bellthrob, what about luck, kissing ass, taking credit for the work of others, following one OC around from one posting to the next, I could go on. I think VooDoo and witchcraft could prove to be fairer in some cases.
  13. I think it would be unfair not to include: Backstabing, Climbing on the heads of others,and right place right time. Oh and hoping that your Troopy came top of the class in CR writing. Voodoo and witchcraft I could go a bit of that. Everyone knows its not what you do its what your seen to do.
  14. Is there any quotable evidence or reference to support this statement? It's a bit random as it stands, knowing that the "next" CRSM is set to take office in March.
  15. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    HA HA HA and here am I thinking it’s a kiss arse contest to be selected. I am not aware of any major changes championed by the Corps RSM.

    I agree that the Corps RSM is the ambassador of the Corps and the bastion of the internal standards (Hence RSM and excusing the ones that have been sacked, you know who you are). But in reality has little influence outside the Corp many other WO1’s have more influence in the Army as a whole.

    This said, it is a difficult job that needs a definite skill set, a wider profile may bring the tradesmen into the fold a little more and make better use of the Corps Conductors.
    By their very nature RSM’s are insular and look after the regiment to which they are posted (it’s their job); a different trade background may provide the Corps with a wider spectrum of experience.

    The background of the individual is of little bearing it’s the character and influence that is important. I for one would not want the job for a gold pig.