Ammo Tech Selection?


I did my selection about a month ago and now just waiting for my 2 day Ammo Tech selection (unconfirmed for 29th and 30th of November). Was just wandering if anyone knows anything about this selection? Anything I should brush up on etc?

Decided against posting in the RLC section because every AT topic quickly becomes a dispute between AT's and what looks like 'petroleum operatives'.

You will undertake a series of exams on the first day to test your maths, AT knowledge and analytical skills/comprehension. You will be sent a learning pack at least 3 week before your selection.

Day 2 - you will be interviewed to assess suitability and then will be involved in group discussions on current affairs (all of which are assessed),then you will wait while the board come to a decision. If you pass all the exams you will automatically be offered a place. You will know by the end of day 2 whether you are accepted, rejected or invited to reshow.
Thanks for all your help postie and the fast reply. Really helped to clear that one up for me.


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