Ammo tech selection

Discussion in 'RLC' started by gator637, May 4, 2007.

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  1. Iv got my selection for ammo tech in a month and wanted to know if anyones got any advise on how to pass it.
  2. Correct use of spelling and grammar in written work would help!!
  3. Just be sensible. Dont be cocky. Listen to what is said and you'll be fine.

    Oh and good luck
  4. Always cut the blue wire.

  5. :oops: :blush: :tp: :sleepy:

    Take yer pick
  6. What? Two other people posted excellent advice, anything technical or specific can be PM'd, my post was light-hearted. Did the big smiley face not tell you I was joking?

    Anyway, good luck gator637.
  7. With cutting and original wit like that you'll go far.

    I bet you've got a superb career laugh - like a flock of donkeys braying!
  8. Just tick off the following list to enjoy a successful career as an AT.

    1. Sense of humour.
    2. Expert in Sarcasm.
    3. Intelligence (to include correct speeling!)
    4. Hit with the ladies
    5. Hit with the men.
    6. Flair

    If you posses any of these key skills, change trade! You won’t fit in!
    (As Dingerr has proved, no humour in the trade.)
  9. Oh my aching sides............