Ammo Tech Selection Mechanical Reasoning.

Hi. So I've got my Ammo tech selection at the start of December and am reading through the pre course pack. The maths and the reference and the revision I dont have any problems with, the only concern I have is the mechanical reasoning.

In the pre course pack maths section there's ten pages with about 8 questions on each, for the mechanical reasoning theres 1 page with literally two very simple questions. So what I'm asking is, is how hard is the mechanical reasoning test, and can anyone give me a few hints what I should really brush up on?

I've searched the forums but there isnt too much information about this.

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I've done the tests not too long ago. Mechanical questions are basic common sense, if cog 1 is turning this way, which way is cog number 5 turning. A few on pulley systems and which person is lifting the most. There might have been some on electrical circuits. It's really not too difficult, you have plenty of time to finish the test and a check through.
Cheers Zorber.

The sample questions in the reading book are stupidly easy so I had to ask.

Can I ask as well how long ago you did your selection and were you given a date for phase one?
I wrote the tests..
Did the exams june 2011 ( longer ago than i thought sorry) i don't know how often they update the test questions, but they are likely to be generally the same. I didn't pass the selection overall so i wasn't given a date. The last i knew the next intake of ammo techs was for January 2012, obviously could have changed in the time since i was last in the loop.
Hi guys, I'm looking into joining as an AT. What grade do you need in ADSC to get on to ATCAB? And what are the waiting times between passing ADSC and getting a date for ATCAB?
Generally speaking, you will require a B (or above), at the Army Development and Selection Centre to gain entry into the majority of jobs/roles throughout the army. Given the ever decreasing placements available, making life hugely competitive. That being said, don't be too disheartened if you achieve below that standard, you may eventually be offered a job in your chosen trade, you will most probably just have to wait longer for it.

As for the mechanical reasoning, in experience, I'm a big believer in the idea of that this is a purely "you either have it, or you don't" type scenario. Are you a logical thinker? I can't recommend specific revision other than considering simple physics. As said previously, it isn't the most demanding of the 5 examinations, I would focus on mathematics, revising projectile theory and learning the referencing processes.

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