Ammo Tech Selection Board

I have just finished basic training and have an 'Introduction to the RLC' week at Deepcut next week.

Apparently I'll be getting a date for the Ammo Tech Selection Board while I'm there, does anyone have some advice for completing the board successfully, and what can I expect?


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Used to be just like a mini RCB, but more entertaining for those watching. Even tw__s at RCB wouldn't walk the plank without someone holding the other end.

Don't worry. If you are suitable you will 'pass', if not then you will make a lot more money somewhere else, not go to shit holes every year and will have a normal life.

If you pass its great fun, but if you don't, then have a nice life and don't tear yourself up about what might of been, the grass is not always greener!
A lot more money elsewhere, is there a pay band higher than a tech trade like at? and if so point me in the right direction ;)

thanks for the advice, I'll get on top of the maths and let the chips fall where they may
Been a civvy, didn't like it ;)
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