Ammo Tech Residency Issue...


I am applying to RLC as an Ammo Tech, but have a question regarding residency which I was wondering if anyone could help me answer?

I was born in South Africa, and moved to the UK at the age of 2. Lived here with my parents until I was 16, when they decided to go back to SA. I was too young to stay here on my own, and fought the move every step of the way, but inevitably, ended up leaving with my parents. As soon as we arrived in SA, I began readying myself to return home to the UK, and pursue a career in the Army like I had always wanted to.

I did my A-levels in 1 year, while working part time, when my A levels were finished, I worked for a year full time, so I could afford to return to the UK, and support myself. I booked my flight on my 18th Birthday, and arrived back in the UK this July. I arrived on a Sunday, and was at the Recruiting Office at 9am that Monday.

Anyway, I have applied for Ammo Tech, have had my RG8 approved, and have my pre-selection interview next Tuesday.

The big concern I have is that I see for AT a 5 year residency period is required, but I have been out of the country for 2 years, and have only been back for 2 months. I am a full British Citizen. Is the residency period only for non british citizens, or is it as I fear, for everybody?

Am I going to be able to apply for AT? My recruiting officer wont or possibly cant give me a definitive yes or no.

Any opinions or info would be greatly appreciated.


As you're a full British Citizen I can't see it being a problem.

By all means PM me if you want and I'll see what I can find out for you. I'm on block leave though and the school doesn't reopen till September so be patient.
This Way Up,

I'm hoping that is the way it will work too. If needs be I can prove that I was in SA and not in some other part of the world I shouldnt of been in. I'm sure my doctors/teachers/employers etc would provide writen proof. I was a minor, and had no choice but to leave with my parents, and returned as soon as it was viable to do so.

I would greatly appreciate any info you would be able to dig up, especially whether they consider factors such as those mentioned above when it comes to residency, or if the rules are written in stone.

While you are here, any tips, tricks or useful tit-bits for the "Job choice" interview (first formal interview)?

Many thanks!

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