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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by dainefrancis, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. I recently passed Army selection and then I was told I will now have another selection course for psychometric testing, leadership skills, problem solving and numeracy tests. I was just wondering where this will take place and what I need to expect?

    Also any suggestions for websites, books etc, to help me with preparing for this will be appreciated!
  2. my mates doing that, she started phase 2 ( Ammo Tech ) last week... i'll ask her ...
  3. So you automatically assumed that you had to pass these tests to be an AT?

    Rule 1, never assume anything.
  4. The next round of selection is called the Ammunition Technician Career Advisory Board (AT CAB). It will be conducted at Kineton.

    Your recruiter will call you in to pick up a distance learnin pack, and details of when you need to attend.

    There will be another maths test, but you will see examples of the questions before hand in the distance learning pack, it is similar to the TST you should of sat, there will also be interviews, group discussions and the like.

    Sources : I have my DLP and paperwork for AT CAB sitting next to me, haha.

    Hope this helps mate, best of luck!
  5. I didn't assume anything, did I? I was simply told by my selection officer the next stage will be another selection with those tests.

    I was just trying to look into it so I can do my best in the tests. Sorry if my query offended you.
  6. Yeah it helps a lot thanks!
  7. Dainefrancis it didn't offend me it was what I sometimes call my sense of humour. Good luck on your selection.
  8. Thank you for the good luck but I can now keep it for a while as the selection in Kineton was wavered and I go for phase 1 next month then have the extra tests after passing phase 1.

    Cheers for all the info though people. Much appreciated!
  9. Nice one, what is your date?
  10. What the ****? Waived?
    How is that possible?
  11. It says on the front of the AT CAB instructions mate "If you received a non-recommendation you will not be prevented from going forward to the AT selection after completion of P1, should you wish to do so", so, makes sense they can waive it I guess?
  12. Ah fair enough then, ive still not recieved mine yet!
    I know they send stuff out 2nd Class but this is just getting bone!!
    I just want to crack on with it and go forth!
  13. I had to collect mine from my recruiter in person mate, perhaps chase it up?
  14. Well if you've had to pick it up ill ring them tomorrow to chase it. I hate having to ring them but the ATCABs getting closer and closer!
  15. Im also going through similar things. I going in for AT, got my Selection on the 2nd June. I thought that was all it then but just found out about the other stuff.

    Some good advice from normg002, cheers! helped a lot.