Ammo Tech, Minimum Grades and Training Intakes

Discussion in 'RLC' started by Trooper_Sefton, Jun 5, 2010.

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  1. I asked my ACIO if i had the grades to select ammo tech as one of my job choices and he told me, as i dont have the required grades. The profile on Armyjobs says i need a C in maths and "one of physics, science or integrated science" i have a a C in maths, C in physics, a C biology and a B in chemistry, surely that is good enough isnt it?

    or is it a case of there are no intakes for a while or the jobs are overmanned and he is trying to get me to choose something else so i get in quicker?

    edit to include grades
  3. I think you are the last peson that should be giving out careers advice catherine....
  4. oh a C sorry i was rushing through and thought i had included it
  5. Right, I had a very similar problem. I wanted to be an Armourer I had the right GCSE's and BARB score for it but for some reason it didn't come through on my list of jobs. As it turned out the database didn't understand my individual sciences so my recruiting Sgt. replaced them with just "Science" and tried that and it worked I got 11 more choices. Call him and ask about doing that ! Another one they have problems with is "English" needs to be written as "English Language"
  6. ah cheers mate will try it on monday :)
  7. .... and oh my - do you need English Language! :lol: