Ammo Tech kiddy fiddling

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  1. 2 days slow. That's quick for a driver.
  2. You posted on it Dinger. Memory going?
  3. You're right - it's not as quick as the ATs leaving the BSN ASP...............

    Seriously, I hope nobody was badly hurt.
  4. Apologies my Ammo Tech buddies, just one question does he now fit into the High threat catergory?
  5. And yet I still have more respect for him than most of the RLC.
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  6. Really? Does he inspire you to greater things?
  7. Glad I didn't know him personally, still makes me feel somewhat tarnished as an Ammo Tech.
  8. I'm just glad there are no wronguns in the Infantry.
  9. Angels to a man.
  10. So how good are these psychometric tests that ATs have to do before they go for their trade? Or don't they do those any more?
  11. 'Britain is a Nation of Paedophiles' to paraphrase. What a numpty sending a 12 year old explicit messages, especially on tour using paradigm. Unless he had a private paid for connection, but doesn't make it any better.
  12. Last I heard they are done prior to first EOD course, but I can't ever remember there being questions along the lines of 'do you fiddle with young children?'