Ammo tech jobs?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by TRL, Dec 12, 2010.

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  1. TRL


    I have just done ADSC, and got the A i needed to go for ammo tech, and have been told by my recruiter that I cant get on ATCAB till April and no jobs in that trade till November, but i was under the impression that there were jobs in April.
    Would appreciate any info from anyone in the 'know' as to whether there are intakes planned as he said if I am very lucky, i could get on an ATCAB in march. He is telling me I should look at other options, but this is the trade i want, but just want a good idea of time periods, as every week, i am told a different situation with ATCAB etc.

    I have also tried to find out about the selection for ammo. tech, but can only find out that theres an ATCAB, and I think there may be another selection, any info?
  2. There is load of info on here - use the search function. As for being told to pick something else; stick to your guns and go for what you want to do.
  3. Not suggesting your recruiter is deliberately lying to you, but Ammo Tech is currently an OPP and on a very high recruiting priority, therefore I find it hard to believe there are no places until Nov 11!
  4. I don't want to go into specifics, but it sounds to me as though your recruiter is correct. There are a limited number of courses with a limited number of spaces run each year.
  5. March/April is really not that far away, learn a little patience. There are only a limited number of Basic AT courses run each year and it is quite possible theses have already been loaded.

    You still have to complete phase 1, so November will come around fairly quick.

    AT trade is 50% undermanned at Sgt and 55% at SSgt. There are always spaces, we just can't train and promote people fast enough.
  6. There was a time when the powers that be were promoting them too fast.

  7. Green-eyed monster, Shiny? ;)

  8. Nope, merely an observation that may ATs were promoted into ranks they were not ready for in order to fill the slots.

  9. Not just in the AT trade mate, same happened and still happens in the VS trade and many others.
  10. The AT trade requires Sgt and above to fulfil most of it's roles. One of the reasons there is a selection progress is to ensure, as best as possible, that only those who can handle responsibility at a vary early stage in their career are selected.

    There will always be those that get through who are not worthy to hold their rank, but this is the same the Armed Forces over.

    I also know ATs who are outstanding and richly deserving of their rank and I'm talking WO2s at 8 years and WO1s at 11 years.
  11. Dingerr,

    The point I was trying to make (badly) was that a fair number of ATs, although competent and responsible trade wise, were not ready for the rank they wore. I guess that was a reflection on the lack of bods available for the slots rather than being the fault of the guys.

    As to your last point, I have known and worked with a few who fit that bill.

  12. Hello again :)

    Looking forward to speaking with my recruiter in the new year then :L... Hope the weather messing up my last ATCAB date hasn't put me in the November intake, that would be gutting!

    Short and sweet this time :)
  13. I passed ATCAB last month after my A at ADSC, also no april shout for me so will have to wait till an intake becomes available. Obviously its a bit of a drag but just got to wait it out. A few months isnt massive when you consider it could be a ten or more year career.
  14. Well that's a bit demoralising! Patience though is a quality required throughout the army so looks like I will be demonstrating a lot of that! Might get a better job for a bit, than the soul destroying work i'm currently doing, if they tell me similar!
  15. Evening all,

    I passed ATCAB back in October having passed ADSC at grade A, there was an intake on the 25th April 2011 (male only) which I believe has been fully loaded now. I have since been told that 2nd July 2011 is the next intake (male only) with female intake expected within 3 weeks after. Whether or not this information is correct I couldn't say, though my recruiting Sgt has been spot on with everything else he has said.