ammo tech job?

Discussion in 'RLC' started by miket_915, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. hi i'm 22 years old and i passed selection in june 2009. i originally wanted to be a electronics technician but due to such high demand i got told i wouldnt get the job because its only going to 'A' graders. so i got given some options and ammo tech is the one i chose. but im just wondering what the job is really like? i've got ATCAB tomorrow and im really nervous for some reason because i dont really know a lot about this job due to it not being my first choice and dont know what to expect at selection. any advice or help would be much appreciated. thanks alot
  2. Good promotion prospects.

    Have you watched "Hurt Locker" ;)
  3. Welcome to the site and congratulations on passing selection!

    Have you looked at the job description on the site?

  4. hi thanks for the reply, yes i've looked but alot of it which i find is for 16-17 year olds. i'm just a little worried about failing. i dont know why. and i've done research into the job aswell about how many casualties there have been in this job etc. im just dont want to be out in afghan in 6 months time trying to disarm ied's. also do you know whether you could change your job choice if the job isnt for you? thanks again
  5. You will not be disarming IEDs for a long time yet, if ever. Bomb Disposal is a specialist area and the pass rate for the courses is only 10-20% at best.

    Yes, you can change your trade at a later date if you feel you are unsuited to that trade and there is a suitable vacancy for you elsewhere, but I wouldn't guarantee it.

  6. hi, no offence taken i know it must be frustrating with newbies on the site, i've only found this website today and most the forums i've looked on for ammo tech always end up with someone coming on and startin silly arguments. so it's hard to find the info i want. sorry for being a pain. i've felt fine about this until today. not a great time to get worried is it. i've only knew about this job for 2 weeks as i got told the previous 3 job choices i've wanted for over 1 1/2 years are unavailable. thanks for your help though
  7. I'm confused, you only knew about the role 2 weeks ago yet you 'done research into the job aswell' but obviously not enough to think you will be passing the basic course and then with wire-cutters in hand taking on all that the Taliban can offer. 8O

    It's a specialist role and although quite a few AT/ATO's frequent the site, it's unlikely you're going to get anymore from them that hasn't already been posted.

    Look at it this way; if you find all you the info you require and don't get it from asking a load on anonymous people questions on a website, then I'd say your putting yourself in good stead. It is a technical trade after all and promotion to LCpl is granted upon completion (and some courses), so with that in mind it's not the type of role that you stroll into and pass. If you spend some quality time on Google using various search terms you can build up a pretty decent idea of what an AT does back in training, on Ops and back in Depot (Oh yes, it's not all defusing bombs, there's loads of mundane monotonous work involved too :( ).
    Look at past copies of SOLDIER magazine, they always run good articles. It's not about answering a few questions, although it has to be said you haven't actually asked any, but it's about building a bigger picture from little snippets.

    You get my respect for joining up anyway Mikey, so don't take it as a negative. :)

    Edited to add: Good luck for tomorrow
  8. hi. i found out about this job roughly 2-3 weeks ago which i chose and he gave me the job info sheet which i've read. but i've got to do a DLP booklet which i've completed but he only gave me this last week so i just feel under prepared because there is alot of info into the history of the role etc so im just dreading gettin asked questions about this as non of it seems to be sticking in my head. worried isnt the word. i first applied back in sept/oct 2008 and passed selection in june 2009 so im pretty desperate to get in but just feel he's threw me in the deep end a little, thanks for your reply and advice
  9. Under pressure is good, you'll get loads on the selection process and hopefully the course.

    Chill out and stop worrying. Be yourself, be attentive and show interest.
    Ask questions, smile and be positive.

    Let the idiots talk about Bomb disposal, you concentrate on asking things about career profiles, posting opportunites and other career orientated questions.

    Don't cough about the 2-3 notice thing unless they ask, but if they do, make it out like you have done the research. :wink:

    As for a mistake? That's only for you to work out. It's a high profile job currently and attracts a lot of wannabe's, make sure they don't think you're one of them. The fact that it attracts potential trainees from all aspects of the army says loads. You'll be a bit more mature than the rest of them, so use that to your advantage. Let the kids be kids.

    Let us know on Friday how you got on and if you think it'll be for you.

    Again, stop worrying. :D
  10. thanks alot for your encouragement, it's just kind of all been a bit of a rush so im trying to get it all sorted. i will gladly let you know on friday hopefully after passing. just got to get some revision done now. o god i can see this being a sleepless night. should i know where all my training is going to be based etc? all the basic stuff about the job? thanks yet AGAIN. it really does help
  11. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    You'll be fine. Just be yourself and be honest at the selection/ATCAB.

    If you don't get through then it's done you a favour and you can always try again. Good luck. Any more Q's drop me a PM.

    P.S. Wear a suit, nice tie and polish your shoes for the interview.