Ammo Tech job in essex 35k ( any use to you guys )

Discussion in 'RLC' started by fatmini, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. I was just sent this today ,its a shame im not one or i would be applying !


    Offering a competitive salary £35 000pa + benefits + relocation Milsom seek Ammunition Technicians for the Demilitarisation Production Plant for our good client; A leading International Defence and Security company

    Job Purpose - Ammunitions Disposals Technician:

    Reporting to the Operations Manager and accountable to the Service Manager in Demilitarisation the successful candidate will manage the day to day activities of the GSE (Ground Support Equipment)

    This role will include the management of an Explosive disposal facility development of disposal techniques and associated staff The successful candidate will also understand and be able to implement relevant regulatory legislation

    Essential to this role is the 'Ammunitions Technician - Class 1' qualification or equivalent Candidates without this level of knowledge will not be considered

    Trained and experienced in Conventional Munitions Disposal Explosive safety Storage Transportation and Disposal you will be IT Literate (MS Office) and hold a current Driving License

    An additional qualification in IOSH Managing Safety NEBOSH or Risk Assessment will be highly advantageous

    You will enjoy the management and supervision of staff working within a compliant regime and managing an Explosive licensed area including managing Health and Safety regs

    The successful candidate will be required to meet Security Clearance criteria prior to appointment

    For further information or to apply for this position please contact Louise Clarke 01225 823998 or louise@milsom uk com


    Salary: £35k + benefits Contact Details:
    Type: Permanent Employment Agency
    Location: Essex Milsom
    Sec. Level: SC Louise Clarke
    Start: ASAP Tel: 01225 823998
    Duration: Permanent
    Posted: 25/03/2009 Email this consultant
  2. Trouble is, many of us have been there and have ended up being p*ssed off and "on" by over zealous Health and Safety Staff who are there to monitor all site activites but, being ex AT's, only have (out of date) knowledge of Ammunition Technical matters. Subsequently, they can only "prove their effectiveness" by targetting the AT's on the Battery's and finding reasons to suspend them, thus initiating technical enquiries and "bigging" themselves up in the eyes of senior management who know even less about Ammunition and disposal procedures!!!

    Have you passed this on to the Assn of AT's - ?
  3. The leading "International Defence and Security company" is qinetiq - "Q" to get in - "Q" to get out!
  4. diplomat

    diplomat War Hero Book Reviewer

    Watch this - don't go there!!!!!!!
  5. QinetiQ-A fiasco!
  6. Most ATs won't touch QINETIQ, the pay is too low (35k when you can work for Tescos for 41k) and the problems too great.

    I know of a few ATs who have gone there and sacked it after a short while.

    Besides Dems is dull when conducted on a dems ground.

    Thanks for letting us know anyway fatmini. Please post anymore that you receive.

  7. Tescos employ ATs why??? Do they sell bombs with beans. :?

  8. No, but more professional than QinetiQ when it comes to bombs and bullets!
  9. Having no real clue what you guys do ,i thought i would let you know anyway

    as for ammotechs @ ? No,I didnt know it existed pass it on if its of any use to them (ive done my bit )
  10. Cheers fatmini - you may fall out and take an early NAAFI break!
  11. They do sell a lot of fireworks.
  12. That's exactly my point. Nothing to do with skills that have been learned over many years, yet Tescos still pay more.
  13. Would one over-zealous staff be a fat, interfering, politics playing, sh1t stirring fat old fat old cnut? 8)

    And the other one as thick as mince?

    You know I know the answer anyway :twisted: :twisted:
  14. Gosh that offer got the bums rush, I almost got cyber crushed in the charge. So poor old Louise Clarke the zelous Recruitment Consultant still has that on her books as it passed like shit of a shovel through the Ranks of ARRSE.
  15. I worked there when I was in the Army. It was a top quality establishment well regarded nationally and internationally. It was taken over by DSTO then DERA then Qinetiq and it is about as can-do as a broken toe covered in dog sh1t.

    Also if you want to put your career as an AT at risk go back to WW1 and light a fag above the parapet at Midnight. The result will still be the same.

    Oh and further up the H&S chain there another fat cnut, a ginger wnaker and a midget scientist who doesn't wash.

    Have I burned my bridges? :D :D :D