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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Jul 13, 2010.

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  1. There has been tons of banter regarding the amount of threads starting with " I would like to be an Ammo Tech what does it involve?"

    It has started to take over the forum, is it about time we put sticky thread with Ea trade group (or at least AT) where all Qs can be asked within that thread? This would clean up the RLC Forum and would make it easier for eager beavers to find the Info they need (the majority of questions have been answered 1000 times!!)

  2. Nah..

    This would require at least two ATs to agree about something...

    Never going to happen!
  3. Percy_Pigeon

    Percy_Pigeon War Hero Book Reviewer

    To get 1 AT to agree something is a feat never mind two…

  4. Yes it is!

    No it's not.

    Ohh FFS.!!!!!!!!!

    Well here is my threepen'orth.

    I am currently earning a (fcuking) good salary and not because I can run around and defuse bombs. Explosives storage and processing safety. Not interesting when you are younger but now...............

    And at my third edit I managed to spell and correctly.
  5. We would need a meeting which will end up in the bar and then no one will remember the decision!
  6. I'm quite happy to ask for a sub-forum for the AT side (which is why my co-mod is an AT, not my world at all) but my fear is that the main forum will go very quiet as most of the traffic is AT related.

    The other option is an AT joining up thread that is made a sticky like I have done with the OTC recruitment thread that gets busy around Aug-Oct. I can merge threads into this one, but that does require a bit of admin and I'm not always available to do it these days, at least not quickly any way.

    Happy to do either if there's a preference.