Ammo Tech duty rumours

Discussion in 'RLC' started by dingerr, Jan 14, 2011.

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  1. The thread about 8 Regt and Geordie Gardner outrageous claims made me think of some of the rumours concerning Ammo Techs over the years.

    Some of my favourites:

    Years ago, before payslash 2000, ATs were better paid than Pioneers and Storemen, to wind up them up ATs took to burning money in the NAAFI.

    One summer BBQs were built outside the respective blocks, the storemen produced the old half oil drum mounted on crossed angle iron, the pioneers did a little brick built affair, the ATs pooled together and paid a builder to come in and produce a very grand structure.

    I've plenty more but will add them later.
  2. I thought all soldiers burnt money in the NAAFI?

    I bet GG had more money than you - he worked undercover in NI you know.
  3. Well he was certainly speshul
  4. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Indeed. I recall an AT lighting a cigar with a crisp ten pound note in the bar.
  5. I heard a rumour that the whole trade was being sold out to the Royal Engineers ... oh no, it wasn't a rumour it was reality!
  6. He saved loads on haircuts!
  7. Rumour: EOD pay is on it's way out?

    Glad I signed off when I did.
  8. EOD pay will be on it's way out once we have the requisite numbers of qualified operators. Won't be long now.
  9. As of April if you sign off you loose all your EOD not just half of it!
  10. That's OK then, because EOD is not as dangerous as parachuting, diving or flying to name a few and of course I never lost my legs!
  11. Is that why the Course Instructors are failing so many bods? Are they just safeguarding their own EOD pay?
  12. Neggers Cheggers! That's the Def EOD Op Course not AT sgts! Which will be the death of the AT trade as we know it. There are a few rumours flying round at the moment that next Friday will be an interesting day for the trade.

    AT 2020? Might not need to worry that far ahead.
  13. Nope, the quality line will not be dropped, that's why people fail. It's unlike most courses in the Army, you don't get taught the solution only how to get there.
  14. I'd say an EOD course is certainly not one where you want to be dropping standards. We have a similar thing with our RESA/REST courses, the instructors will not pass people if they won't cut it on ops because if they **** up there is a good chance somebody will die or become a casualty.
  15. Any death of the AT trade is not because of the Def EOD Course, but rather because of the inability of the trade to state what it does anymore. If AT = EOD then you will go out of business. Lots of other people can do EOD and as a unified approach to training develops (and more non ATs come through) the unique selling point of the AT IEDD guru will be lost.

    If we are moving to a model where contractors can do storage on operations, where all of our ammo is held in DSDA/ JCS/ whatever it called next week and where lots of different people can do EOD where is the operational NEED for ATs?

    I know all the arguments, but it does not appear that the AT trade is pushing it's wide skill base very hard at present, preffering to fight a battle that is already lost over EOD. The world has changed, any capbadge can now 'give it a whirl' - I suspect selling ATs as the ammunition experts who happen to be good at EOD (therefore two for one) is a better argument than 'the wedge can't do high threat, that's our game' which is where many of the arguments seem to be based.

    The Army (and defence) has no particular interest in capbadges or trades, but wants the job done. Because the AT trade said it would take eight years to produce any extra high threat operators defence had to cast it's net more widely. It looks like the rest of defence has some high quality people with good soldiering experience who can 'get' EOD and will produce HT operators faster than the nay sayers in the AT ivory tower expected - the 'only we can do high threat' line has proven to be a significant own goal.

    Don't reinforce failure, find a 21st century proposal - or watch the trade wither and die.