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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Eddyt, Jul 21, 2010.

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  1. On my ammunition technition challenge one question is how far it will take to travel 484km at a speed of 55km per hour. I know it is going to be under 9 hours but can't figure at how many mintures, so I can't say it will be, 8hours and ?? minutes. Is is acceptable to put "It will be just under 9 hours" or something along those line ?

    Edit: Never mind, forgot to add in rest break times.
  2. Of course it is acceptable, it makes it easier to weed out the thickos if you can't work it out.
  3. Well then im fucked =_=
  4. 8hrs, 48 minutes.


    0.1 of an hour = 6 minutes therefore 0.8 = 6 x 8 = 48 minutes.

    If you're this shit at maths then I think you need to have a re-think. How'd you even pass the BARB?
  5. Yea but you did that as though the travel speed is 1 mile per minute.
  6. Just realised my problem, I was doing it by 48 instead of 44. No wonder i was so thrown off.
  7. 484 km at 55 km/h

    Where do miles come into it? And one mile per minute is 60 mph which is not 55 km/h

    Speed = Distance / Time therefore Time = Distance / Speed, assuming all units match which they do. No idea where you got 48 or 44 from.
  8. Eddyt, have you considered chef or pioneer, mate, I think you're pushing your boundaries.
  9. Seeing as you don't know when to stop digging, what about the sappers?
  10. My problem was I was never taught long division at school and my method just kept comming out wrong. So I had to learn it now and now it makes sense.
  11. "Never did long division at school" - says it all about modern education, I presume you must have got an A at GCSE Maths then.

    I think lack of "long division" skills might be a problem for an AT
  12. I would like to quote the then 2i/c at the school when I did my preselect.

    "Cpl (insert my name here) that is the worst maths score we have ever seen here!"

    Look at me know!! hehe
  13. Eddyt, I don't think you need to join the army at all. I think that you need to get your carer to put your hard hat and dribble catcher on you and have them wheel you back to special class.

  14. Yeah, you're shit at English too. :D
  15. Humour, wasted on some people.