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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by miket_915, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. hi tomorrow i've got my selection to become an ammo technician. the only problem being this job wasnt even in my mind until 2-3 weeks ago as i only got told that i couldnt have any of my previous top 3 choices because i'd be waiting forever. i feel under prepared and dont know what to expect. i was wondering if anybody on here has took this course and what it involves? any help would be much appreciated. thanks for your time and (hopefully) replies
  2. Your crazy, how could you even consider going to selection for a job you know little about?

    You should of read up on the job before accepting to go to selection?
  3. i know it will sound so cliche but my careers officer is useless. he forgets everything. he shown me the job details etc which looked good but there's a DLP you have to fill in prior to attending and he only give it me last week. i just want to know what to expect basically. my application process started in sept/oct of 2008! i passed selection on june 2009 so i basically just want to get in now. any help would be appreciated
  4. Everything you need to know (and more) before you go to the ATCAB is in the distance learning pack. At the ATCAB you spend most of your time being told about the ammo tech trade and being shown some of the equipment they use etc. Don't worry too much about it all, its just as much a chance for you to have a look at the trade as it is for them to look at you. The maths test is only 10 questions long and of similar difficulty to the one in the DLP. I had my ATCAB in feb, everyone I met, staff and potential recruits, was completely sound, plus I found it all very interesting (it is my first job choice). Good luck and enjoy it.
  5. hi thanks for putting me at ease a little more. just a quick question though. do they ask much about the info which is in the distace learning pack? like the history of the badge etc. i've read over it a few times but non of it seems to be sticking hence the nerves. thanks for your reply
  6. No we didn't get asked about the history of the trade, but try to learn the careers progression stuff because you need to know what sort of thing you're getting yourself into. Also, to prepare for the interview, think about why you want to be in the army and why you want to be an ammo tech, what do you see yourself doing in ten yrs etc, much like in the DLP really. Just try to make yourself familiar with your DLP answers so you don't contradict yourself in the interview. Just enjoy it, you'll spend much more time chatting to staff about the job and being shown the bomb disposal robots etc than you will be being tested, though obviously, do try and put in the effort for the maths test and interview.
  7. What previous 3 jobs were you told that you'd be waiting forever for?
  8. they were the electronics tech (reme) electrician in engineers and last one was a joiner in the engineers. because i only got a 'b' grade he said id be waiting a while
  9. Only a b... ha oh dear.

    I'm waiting for news on Engineers, I am turning into a will, I can't see me getting in this year
  10. haha yeah only a 'b' basically my careers officer said there's a shortage in them jobs so there goin straight to 'a' graders and my first choice job he said there was 2 openings and 400 people after it? bad news
  11. I'm guessing the 400 people after 2 spots is electronics tech? If thats the case then i'm out. Or is he just telling you that to fill up the pinch point trades?
  12. If you want it then you should be prepared to wait.
  13. When theres 400 people after 2 spots? You have to be realistic smithy, don't mind waiting a couple of years for it but looking at that figure i'll be waiting alot longer than that.
  14. Thats what I think, there is willing to wait and there is being realistic.

    To be fair not many people know the crack for sure, til maybe whenever the next year financial information is released in April or whatever.

    I was told about my 1st choice being bad news for the next couple of year so was told to rethink. 2nd option is debatable as well
  15. After my interview today i asked what the crack was with Basic start date for RAC and he replied it would be around late September early October with an A or High B so i'm happy with that.
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