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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by TheRedButton, May 12, 2012.

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  1. Hey all.

    I'm in phase one training and loving it ATM, only a few weeks left :) Then I'm due to go onto Kineton in Warwick, and I'm just wondering what the accommodation is like? Another SUT who's going intel will have individual rooms and I'm wondering if a current AT in training could give some info?

    Also what's the crack with curfew? My hometown is only 30 minutes away from Warwick so is it like phase one in bed lights out at ten thirty or are they more lenient?

  2. 2, 3 & 4 man rooms, with bunks for staff and any L/Cpl, Cpl on the basic course (if any bunks are spare).
    There is a curfew/ booking in out system for non adults (under 18 ) and extra duty of care for non trained soldiers (phase 2 recruits).
    Phase 3 adults are treated as such.

    You are going to be spending long nights studing for exams and assessments. You'll find it a lot easier with a group of course members rather than family members.
  3. Have they refurbed the blocks FF? Or is there still the possibility of 7 to a room and each of the ablutions between 17?

    It'll still be luxury compared to some of the places you'll sleep as an AT. My weirdest was in 3R in a HAS next to a washing machine that contained an IND during an SP exercise. We were waiting for COBRA to allow us lights and couldn't be arsed to cross the hotline and be decontaminated through the EPDS and RAF STO.
  4. Finished that for you :)
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  5. You mean you can't decipher it.
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  6. just remeber one thing when you get to kineton,if you go to the red lion in northend,stick to the path or the multi thumbed web fingered in bred slack jawed locals will steal you away in an effort to water down the village gene pool!
  7. Don't try and burn it down either, they get right miffed!!!
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  9. It's not so much a gene pool as a gene tea cup!
  10. iircthe rumour was the families club was the place to be a few years back!
  11. Not when a certain ASofA storeman was about. Thieving ******.
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  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Kineton, if they hadnt built the M40 the residents of Fenny Compton would have eaten the residents of Kineton by now!
  14. 6 man rooms, no curfew, inspections every Wednesday, if you don't **** up.

    10 weeks of AT phase 2 left, that's all you need to know until you get here :)