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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by devilish, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone tell me the nature of ammunition that can be fired on an indoor range? I'm assuming it .22 rim fire, but could be wrong.

    According to PAM 21, the info can be found in MOD form 904. Thing is, I dont have access to said MOD form.

    Any help will be gratefully appreciated.
  2. .22 is tha maximum size we ever fired on an indoor range. I'm not aware of any larger size being allowed.
  3. I gathered as much GDav. The thing is, is there a definitive answer? Is there online access to MOD form 904?
  4. I wouldn't know mate. I'm speaking from experience - experience that happened a LONG time ago LOL
  5. The definitive answer will always be posted on the Range Standing Orders, which should be posted in or near the range.

  6. I'll pop into the indoor range and take a look, thanks.
  7. Also depends on your impact area. We used 9 milly and .44 on the indoor, across the water
  8. It will be listed on the range Standing Orders, PAM 21 will say what kind CAN be used, but the SO's are the ones to read and go by.
  9. I remember firing 9mm indoors once. It was on a cine range somewhere in Germany. I think it may have been a septic training facility though. Maybe someone on here may have visited the same place ??

    Regards LT.
  10. i think its only 9mm and .22 .

    i'd also imagine that if theres anything smaller that exists, then that would be allowed as well?

  11. There used to be. We used to have a stock of air rifles. I don't know if they'd bother any more but we used to have good fun with them and the No8 rifles, shooting the heads off matches.
  12. ^no, air weapons are a no-no. Something to do with the bullet catcher curtains at the back. Still haven't got near the indoor range to check range standing orders. Could it be that only some ranges can fire 9mm and .22?
  13. I can promise you we used air rifles which fired the traditional 'slug'. Can't see why they still can't be used as their velocity is well below the No8 rifle and the HK Sub Calibre kit we used which AFAIK is still used today.
  14. ^ tis to do with the cutain at the rear of the range. Something to do with 'slugs' getting caught up in them and then .22 ricochetting off of them.
  15. I thought it was to do with the lead content of the air rifle pellet