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A mate of mine at work and myself, both ex squaddies, were having a natter over a brew, when the following question popped up: He seems to remember firing the old Lee Enfield .303 with 7.62 rounds. Never having fired the Lee Enfield, I´m clueless, but I would have thought that different ammo would have been used. Can anyone out there shed some light on this please ?

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The two calibers are incompatable, however a large number of Lee Enfields were rebarrelled for 7.62 in the '60 and '70s.

Officially there were two Lee Enfield 7.62 rifles, the L39 which was designed for target shooting with a Parker Hale aperture rearsight and a tunnel foresight. There was also the L42 which was the sniper rifle with a scope sight (I forget the number) to replace the No4(T). The stock was different from the No4 (a half stock like a No 8)and the barrel was fully floating. The L39 had a .303 magazine which would not feed rounds. This didn't matter as you only ever fed individual rounds for target shooting. The L42 had a modified 7.62 mag, but it was never very good.

Lots of civvie target shooters had their .303 target rifles converted to 7.62 by firms such as Fultons, but most had given up ex mil rifles by the end of the seventies and had gone for scratch built 7.62 target rifles.

ACF & CCF still had No4 .303s till the end of the seventies. The MOD bought a load of Greek (HXP) ammo to keep them supplied. Not bad ammo - boxer primed - I am still reloading it!

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Remember firing Mk III .303" BRENS in the ACF and L4A1 7.62mm LMG's (Converted BRENs) till about 1992. The TA Corps still had some till about 1998

Also remember firring L39 7.62mm converted No4 Rifles.


Bomb_Doctor said:
I was still shooting .303 from LE's and LMG in 1988 with the ACF

ACF in 88? I feel old now!