Ammo Quantity Variation Justification

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Esteban, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. My issuing force (WYP) is one of the more restrictive ones and I'm looking to increase my current allocation of .22LR from 500 buy, 600 keep significantly upwards.

    My justification(s) are such:

    1/ Competitive shootings in 2 different disciplines - TR and LWR. The gats like different brands of ammo and over the course of a season/year I don't want to be using different batches of ammo.

    2/ (This may be as useless as 'bulk is cheaper') I shouldn't have to drive to an RFD every 2-3 weeks, plus from a security point of view, the fewer occasions a year I'm transporting ammo half way across the county the better surely?

    For LWR I'm shooting in 4 comps for a total of 8 cards and 80 rounds per round + practice, lets call it 200 total. 12 rounds a season so total of 2400 rounds. For TR I'm shooting 2 comps at 50 rounds per round and 1 at 25 rounds per round, though this drops in winter to just one comp. Total of 1000 rounds including some practice. I'm therefore going to ask for 3500 to keep and 2500 to buy, though I suspect this may cause some eyes to pop out.

    Is there a better way of phrasing it or anything else I should include?

    I've got a second ammo safe now, as I previously just had a lockable cab in the top of the gun cabinet which would only just take 250 rounds of 12 bore + 700 .22LR. Is it best to put this elsewhere in the house to keep the FEO happy or does it not really matter if it's next to the existing cab?

    (I know in an ideal world we wouldn't have to do any/all of this but it's a hoop that has to be jumped through)

  2. should be justification enough. Bricks are 500rds, you need 2 types, so absolute minimum needs to be 1000 acquire minimum, 1500 hold. Then ask for what you want, and if he gets shirty with you, ask him if he'll take responsibility if you get robbed on one of your many (in principle unnecessary) 2-3 week trips which he has required you to make.
  3. "Buying in bulk is cheaper" doesn't fly as a justification, even with friendly police forces.

    However, needing a large batch to ensure consistency of shooting over a season/per type of rifle is a reasonable justification that is supported by most police forces.

    At the time I got my first FAC with my current force, there happened to be on the market some unopened standard military tropical crates of .303" ball - c.1348 rounds in each. I made an application for increased ammo holdings with the argument that such a crate of ammo would ensure target shooting consistency across my collection of rifles - and had my allocation promptly revised from 200/300 to 1500/2000!
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  4. We were talking about this the other day at my club, re buying/holding enough .303. Once you factor in range days, competitions etc you can justify some quite decent amounts.
  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Yup, clubs too can be helpful by buying in large amounts and releasing onto facs slowly!
  6. Ammo storage, regardless on who is storing it is based on the ALARP (As low as reasonably practical).

    You've demonstrated the practicality point in your points, I would reinforce this by showing your considerations towards security and fire risks.

    How/where do you store your ammo? What security and fire precautions are in place?
  7. The club's been most helpful and for the Eley Match ammo they sell it's less of an issue as they generally hold large stocks and as you say you can buy/earmark a quantity then use it over a period of time, but the carbine ammo comes from an RFD and depending how much spare time I have it can get eaten quite quickly so the 500 buy limit is the biggest pain, plus the RFD does fairly high volume so even week-week there's no guarantee they'll always have the same batch!

    Do you know if Eley are changing their packaging across the range btw? A new batch of Team recently showed up in the drawer type boxes which Tenex have been in for a while.
  8. Bone Question Alert


    What does LWR stand for?

  9. Currently stored in a compartment in a British Standard gun cabinet, the ammo itself is in appropriately marked H84 boxes which then go in the cabinet. Cabinet is externally marked with a 1.4s hazard sticker. It's inside an interior room in the house which has smoke alarms but there's no specific fire pre-cautions.

    I was thinking of putting the second ammo cabinet in a different location, but the other obvious place is the cellar and I'm not sure if it's dry enough, though dehumidified it isn't tanked and has the usual issues that Victorian cellars do - might be irrelevant given the ammo is in sealed containers though.

    Dingerr, LWR = Light Weight Rifle. Basically a semi-auto / lever / bolt-action magazine fed rifle used for multi-shot competitions some of which are timed and involve reloads, alternatively called carbine or gallery rifle or light weight gallery rifle, it varies around the country.
  10. You may not need the 1.4 sign. Military Regulations are that anything below 2Kg NEQ doesn't require them, this also helps with security as it does not advertise the fact ammo is stored.

    Either buy a fire extinguisher or state in your points that 1.4S has no appreciably fire risk and any event will be contained within the packages and not propagate. A fire extinguisher is always a good idea.

    As for your cellar, unless it's flooded you should be OK. It won't effect your ammo. If you're that concerned by some des dictator packs and leave them in the cabinet with the ammo. Swap them over once a month, drying them out for a couple of days in an airing cupboard.

    I take it you have an alarm on your house that can be programmed for zones so downstairs is alarmed when you're upstairs.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    You shouldnt need any of those precautions but they are all helpful. Ask FEO why you cant have the ammunition, show them receipts for ammo/entries on FAC etc and keep at it. My first FAC had the tiny little ammo entry box so I sent it back for another after 3 months. They renewed my FAC and upped my allowances.
  12. Yup, plus it's a commercial spec alarm rather than residential and IP CCTV that records offsite. Will grab an extinguisher from somewhere.
  13. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    **** me I'm an RFD and they dont bother that much here, do you live in Beirut?
  14. The alarm and CCTV were put in well before I went for the FAC and mainly opportunist (if a little OTT) uses of off casts from work. That said I'm not a million miles away from somewhere far worse than Beirut (you've got the right first letter) though thankfully the scallies don't venture that far out of the city usually.

    To be fair to the Police, the FEO was more concerned about the quality of the locks, security of the windows than the alarm on the original check. All they said about the alarm was that if it works and you don't use it, it would be worse/more questions asked, hassle etc than not having one to start with.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    The only place worse than beirut has to be St Helens!