Ammo Pouches

Gents I was never an Infanteer, but during my days 60s-90 we where always told to mount our Ammo pouches as far to the side as possible, leaving the front clear so as to make a lower target when lying down and changing magazines.
Now the modern generation seem to have copied what 'We' considered to be War Pact/Viet Cong or Min and have their ammo pouches on the front of the body.
Just Fashion or more practical ?
When I went through training, with 58 Pattern, and then to Bn with PLCE (Olive) we were told the same, that ammo pouches should be as far back as possible, to allow you to still use them, when in the prone position.

Once "Battle Vests" came into play, then tended to use all of the vest and ammo pouches moved to the front, as stated above they would be easier to use in vehicle ops.


I now get requests from Infantry types, to have a system that would allow them to mount their pouches back at an angle, and once again, you can now find Molle systems, that have pads of Molle straps set at an angle, that can be placed "on top" of other Molle straps, to allow ammo pouches to be placed further back and once again at an angle.

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