Ammo pouch flasks

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by chungmeister, Aug 16, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    Any one got any reccommendations on the best steel flask that slips perfectly into the ammo pouch (250 ml flask i think) ? I currently got a life adventure one which is shite, only a couple of months old and the cheap paint has come off and its all dinted. Had a Gelert one before but lost it. The Gelert seemed decent apart from crap would get trapped under the rubber seal on the lid and had to be removed everytime for cleaning. Anyone got any preferences? Any decent websites to buy from?

  2. ammo pouches are for ammo
  3. And respirator haversacks are for Mars bars, cans of pop etc. Well they are if you are OTC or cadets.
  4. I believe the clue is in the name
  5. I have a Mountain Equipment one its very sturdy but the paint has warn off in patches, your right about gunk getting under the seals but then you should maintain ALL your equipment to insure it is in working order.
  6. Buy a bigger flask, I have a vango 750ml, fits just in the pouch at the back of your bergan alongside your patrol report tube, or easily in to your day sac.

    Use it to store hot water or a beverage of your choice. The little mugs are better for ranges or where you have access to copious hot water.

    Oh, nearly forgot. Ammo pouches are for ammo, or at least maybe the commanders pouch is for tams, or more ammo.
  7. Entrentching tool carriers are for entrentching tool, not water bottle and mug.
    Water bottle pouch are for water bottles, not mess tins
    Map pockets are for maps.
    grenade pins are for grenades, not for the zips on smocks
    ammo tin foam inserts are for ammo tins, not helmets

    Who cares??
  8. Argh noooooooooooooooooooooo
  9. There used to be an issued arctic flask pouch which was nifty. In olive, foam lined, tie to webbing bergan ect. Took a 500ml steel flask, not seen one in years thou'
  10. I, err, 'discovered' one of those when I was in Canada in 93, I've only just got rid of it, bloody brilliant bit of kit, the only problam being was the pouch with the foam liner was massive compared to the flask it would hold.
  11. what was the designation? flask artic foam lined?

    Just interested as I'll have a search.

  12. Seems a damn shame to walk around with two empty pouches though, given the recent history of "number of rounds issued" to troops in combat areas....