Ammo/ Kit carried on OPs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by REstitcher, Feb 10, 2008.

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  1. I'm trying to find out whats new on Herrick/Telic as in what kit units are carrying and quantity of ammo carried?

    Along with a few other guys into making tactical kit we're wanting to design/ produce different carrying systems.

    This isn't instead of the new tactical vest/ osprey before anyone gets excited it's purely as an extra carriage capacity.

    SOP's for Iserali dressing + C.A.T's is what now?

    Looking to find out from the guys/girls on FOB's to the guy/girls working in Bastion/ COB. Any Arm/Regt/Corps/Unit as i know SOP's do differ.

  2. Alright matey,

    I'm off out to the sandbox in a month or so, the current SOPs being preached by Optag for the CAT and dressing is left hand map pocket.

    Evidently a lot of guys are trying to get a second CAT and are putting one on each thigh, under the map pocket flap, prior to leaving the COB.

    I hope this helps mate, I'll let you know the latest when I get out there. 8)

    By the way, got any more grab bags going on theif-bay soon? I'm still looking for one! :D
  3. Hello mate,

    Cheers for that info, much appreciated.
    Mr C.A.T must be a wealthy guy if every bod in Afghan/ Iraq is carrying these or 2!

    Are they carrying just the one dressing? Would be interested to know what the RE's are carrying as in ammo. not interested in the Engr issue Euchre deck and fags :)

    Ref the grab bag, i'm going to make up 3 this month ones yours mate :D
  4. As far as I know it's just one dressing, although I'm sure it's down to Sect SOPs. The team medics have upwards of 6 CAT and a load of the Isreali dressings so I'm sure there's scope for getting a few more.

    As for the ammo, I'm sure there are guys and girls out there with better first hand knowledge than me, but I'll PM you what I've been told recently (Opsec and all that mate :D ).
  5. Ooops! yeah guys and girls please remember Opsec - if it's easier please PM me.
  6. Thats reasurring, not!
  7. Well i hope it's more reasurring than the QM's giving us 10 rounds as were crossing the border into Iraq in 2003! With the statement " You've got more chance of getting shot in London" :D oh happy days
  8. Yeah, but thats true :wink:
  9. :D It seems that way - crazy world huh!
  10. Well this didn't go far. oh well