Ammo/ Drill Boots, possibly for sale

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by ReadySalted, Nov 16, 2008.

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  1. I'm considering selling my drill boots.
    Anybody want a pair?
    They're size 10, however have been beeswaxed and bulled so, are about 9/ 9 and a half.
    Bought brand new for 60squid almost two years ago. One careful owner
    New issue, double soled, fully studded, no damage, little wear to the soles.
    Here are the pics:

    If you're interested please give me a PM
  2. Selling "issued" kit? RMP will oove this.
  3. "Possibly for sale". ?????????

    Either they are or they are not. Are you saying that if someone offers you £1,000 then they are up for sale but if it's more like £20 then they aren't ?

    AND they are not nearly shiny enough ! I can't see the reflection of the camera in the toecaps :D

    We need a new section for things 'possibly' for sale (at the right price) methinks then moderators :p

  4. Yep, that's exactly what I'm saying.
    They weren't issued to me, I bought them off someone brand new.
  5. No, but some people say that beeswaxing makes the boot smaller by the heat shrinking it I tend to agree since when they are actually size 10 boots, but I'm size 9 and a half, and they fit me tight around the neck of the toes now. To prevent them shrinking alot more than that when beesewaxing, you stuff them with wet newspaper. Took about two days to beesewax them, and then about a day or two of sanding them down and bulling. They've been in a cupboard for a year and a half aswel, with a few hours you could have them looking perfect.
  6. I need to correct my error: You CAN see the photographer's image in the second photo . Well done that man !

    Sounds like if you add your materials and labour into that cost equation, you need to get at least a grand to recover you outlay !

    Good luck !!