Ammo Depot Explsosion in Albania

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by rickshaw-major, May 14, 2008.

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  1. Many of you will be aware that there was an explosion in an Albanian ammo depot at the end of March. The depot was being used to demilitarise ammo. This is what happens when you dont treat ammo with respect:

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  2. 'kinhell yahoooooooo.

    That was a big bang :D
  3. Wow - thats a cheeky little crater!
  4. I remember makes firework night seem so insignificant.

    However POF Wah has a long list of similar experiences and I was actually there the night the rocket motor plant had its big cook-off...I suggest that if you are a non-Pakistani national, recently arrived from India, that you do not visit a town with a dodgy ordnance factory the night it goes poop! Very nice men the Pakistani police...
  5. Indeed Cuddles. Note to the various IPT - if you buy cheap sh1t you get - cheap sh1t!
  6. Ah yes RM, remember the Indian 9mm?
  7. Righto Staff, I'll be right there. now where did I leave that fag? Oh Sh..........
  8. Remember it well - and I know where it is! 200 nautical miles south west of Cork in the Atlantic Trench - along with the Thunderbirds Main and Boost motors, the Energa Grenades (300,000 of them) and the 1000lb bombs a young and seasick Capt R-M dumped from the good ship RFA Sir Galahad :D
  9. Has anyone got any piccys of the Kenyan depot explosion a few years back? That was a nice one as well.
  10. Novobogdanka - the Ukraine 2004. I have some of Nigeria - I will attempt to find them. The ammunition shown below was stored outside the depot.

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  11. Would like to fill that crater in with a shovel.

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  12. Nigeria - just for you Dingerr :D

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  13. Cheers R-M, bit embarressing i got the place wrong, but all shitholes look the same to me!
  14. That is utterly dreadful. The cause?

    "......bombs being taken out of store - primed for use and replaced unused, with the detonators still installed"