Ammo/Comms/Avionics technician

Hi again, and sorry to say but my second post on these fine fora is full of questions again!

So I'm going to join just after new year, the three jobs that are both open to me and interest me are ammo,comm's and avionics technician.

All the advice i have got from friends in the forces and other like minded folks is to be sure i have a trade that going to be useful on the outside world when it comes time for me to leave the army.

Is there a good place to ask / find out realistically what the future prospects of these three jobs are on civy street should i not decide to spend my working life in the army?

I would have thought out of the 3 that comm's tech will be the best as there is probably more jobs in civy st along the communications side than ammo tech and avionics?

Im not asking for loads of details just a gentle push so i can do some more in depth research before making the big desicion, many thanks for any help and advice in advance.

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