ammo boots?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by remf_crow, Nov 7, 2007.

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  1. can any qm help?

    my ammo boots do not fit anymore and i am looking at buying a new pair, but i have been told that i may be able to get some through the system.

    i am issued with lowa cbt boots due to the fact that i cant fit my feet into regular boots, due to this i have always bought my own ammo boots for any 2's parades. is there anyway that i can get a pair of ammo boots issed (remembering that i am an engineer)?
  2. never had them issued to me in 21 yrs service, so hand in pocket time i feel. also RE.
  3. I know the Household Cavalry and Guess the Guards Regts have them issued so there is a part Number. I also remember certain people in the Quartermasters technical dept who would scour the lists for interesting items they would try and indent for. If you are near a guards regt or Windsor phone up the QM's department and offer a pair for pair trade. Throw in something for good will. (in my day we had to take food or no deal.) Got to be worth a try. :D
  6. im only 18, and have been in for 2 years. when i joined i was a size 11, but im now size 14 and i think still growing!

    with reference to those boots, me younger cousin joined the guards and was struggling to burn his boots down, so i tried giving him a hand with no result!

    thanks for evry1s help though!!!
  7. The new issue ammo boot is a softer leather than the old style and needs to be burned down and waxed a number of times, do not try to apply loads of wax in one go, just heat the boot rub in a small ammount of wax, leave it for a day or two, sand them down with fine glass paper and repeat. You may need to do this a number of times to get the desired affect. Oh and remember, the boots need to tightly packed, preferably with sand.

    The best ammo boots, if you can find them, are 1953 - 1956 (better leather in them days!).

  8. Wet newspaper stuffed inside I found worked better. It stopped the leather heating up too much.
    Or maybe I'm talking sh1t.
  9. No that is a method I used to use. These days I still use newspaper but I put it in dry and pack it in tight with a stick so it compresses. The leather won't shrink if you keep the burner moving and don't linger on one area for too long. :D
  10. I heard a nasty rumour that going on a senior dril course gives your unit the authority to emand a pair through the system, can anyone confrm this?
  11. That has been mentioned on here before but they also said you had to hand them back on completion which sucks.
  12. Further rumour of all old boots being binned as non H&S-compliant. New issue will have some kind of insert inside the heel to reduce impact.

    Or just a rumour - QMs should spot different part number.
  13. If you are on either jnr or snr drill you can demand them, I have never heard of returning them back to stores, they are classified as next to skin items because you sweat loads. Have you ever been issued second hand boots?

    NSN : 8430 - 99 - 125 - 8843, Ankle Boot GS

    Size (i.e. 8) and Fitt (i.e. Small, Medium, Large) required.
  14. The new boots have a shock absorbing spring and pad in the heels, they are like slippers.